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[Fwd: Kondratieff and other cycles]

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Date: Mon, 6 Oct 1997 18:43:19 -0500
From: "Michele Gale-Sinex/CIAS, UW-Madison" <gale-sinex@aae.wisc.edu>
Subject: URLs/Kondratieff and other cycles

Howdy, all--

Because I was standing in the Pacific Ocean on Friday afternoon, I
did not post URLs Of The Week. Last week I was interested in
Kondratieff and other cycles, based on a conversation with a
Wisconsin small grain farmer.  I have a question, then some links.

Is there anybody on SANET who has this as an interest, and sees
particular applications of long wave cycles to sustainable ag?  

I used to be an avid reader of /Barron's/ (and still read the /Left
Business Observer/), so I have a (very rudimentary) sense of this
stuff in the realms of economics...but what about agriculture?  What
about sustag in particular?  Does global climate change fit here?

Any observations, focusing, or musings would be welcome.

Some URLs, for those of you who are interested....

Foundation for the Study of Cycles links to other sites

This link of theirs:
includes Herschel's early 19th century observations on the 
fluctuating prices of wheat...i.e., correlating solar energy and 
wheat production.  Caroline or William...it doesn't say.

Somebody at the U. of CT put this list of links up:
One of them is a "planetary cycles and soybean prices" list which I 
haven't been able to get to work.

I don't know who the hell Ray Tomes is--he seems a lot like my
ex-father-in-law, a very bright man with wide ranging interests in
the sciences whose ideas I often found defied categorization but
challenged and stretched my thinking--but here's his Web site on
Cycles in the Universe:

Here's the Mt. Wilson Observatory HK project Sunspot Site: 

This was an intriguing and...strange...search.  It turned up
everything from the Federal Reserve Bank of NY on economic cycles in
lending to stuff on "fractals and crop circles," as excogitated by a
man who signs himself the Rev. Philosopher-King of The First Church
of the Divine Otis Redding.  Who as you know, died in a Madison
lake. Otis, that is.

Ruminating, as is appropriate in America's Dairyland, I wish you


Michele Gale-Sinex, communications manager
Center for Integrated Ag Systems 
UW-Madison College of Ag and Life Sciences
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