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Central Coast/Cal Poly Potent Info (fwd)

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Date: Tue, 11 Nov 1997 15:23:58 PST
From: Akiva Werbalowsky <akivaw@hotmail.com>
Reply-To: permaculture@listserv.oit.unc.edu
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Subject: Central Coast/Cal Poly Potent Info

Please excuse cross-postings of this message.

The first part of this message is about the Central Coast Permaculture 
Guild listserve and has been forwarded so you can have a chance to 
subscribe if interested.

The list is a collaborative effort, mostly by coastal residents of 
Turtle Island (American continent) exploring the ecological design 
process known as Permaculture. 

Please refer to the explanatory website:


or to an intro announcement at the end of this message.

At some near date, I'll write an extended welcome/introduction, as well
as technical descriptions of this email/brodcast-list process. I am
humbly learning myself, so please help if you can and be patient.

And until next message, a short...

Cal Poly PermaReport:

Organic strawberries now being rained in (beds act as mini swales on
contour), a Permaculture planting of three thousand plants at the Cal
Poly Food Forestry Unit section of the Student Farm. Intercropped trees
are now being sourced with help from the local California Rare Fruit
Growers chapter (Thanks for the impromptu gift of two cherimoyas, our
first new trees for the site!) Any donation or recommendation of
particularly vigorous, adapted, and beneficial trees/plants are welcome
and appreciated. It's especially the cultural know-how which we invite
and encourage, a true bioregional wealth. 

Mulching and seeding plans continue: native grasses, favas, and
something special: CCOF Green Swiss Chard Seed (Survivor plants now
yielding mature seed)

a quick announcement that 
everyone is welcome to participate in the seeding/cover cropping of the 
Cal Poly Permaculture site as the weather allows over the next few 
weeks.  Friday the 14th could be an all day project if dry, if not, the 
first good dry spell.

Contact me or Julian (phone#528-0497).

Julian is also the contact person for the
important planning weekend 
with Larry Santoyo Nov. 22-23.  This gathering will cultivate a focused 
design for our collaborative efforts for seasons to come.

Anyone wishing to do an educational growout of the chard seed that
remains from this week's harvest can pick it up from me, or send a large
self addressed-stamped envelope to the address below to receive a packet
of seed. If you send seed of your own which is particularly suited to
Central coastal CA permaculture approaches we will be happy to continue
the cycle. 

Swales holding beautifully in first big rain today. Seedsman Julian
Kayne developing timing for flaming weeds from bunds prior to native
grass seed sowing. 

I'm headed back to the field-

Enjoy the heaven water,


Invitation to join the Central Coast Permaculture Guild Mailing List

          This list is a community service extension of Cal Poly San
Luis Obispo's newly forming Permaculture Certificate program. To find
out more information about this program, or to become involved, you can
e-mail Akiva. 

This listserv is free and open for new subscriptions, and we welcome any

folks, especially those in the Central Coast area of California to 
become members. 

Joining is simple. Send a message to majordomo@rain.seattleantioch.edu
with the message in the body "subscribe ccpg". 

To send a message to the entire subscribed base of the listserv, 
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If you need more information about how majordomo works, send a 
message containing the word "help" to majordomo. 

Enjoy! We welcome any feedback that you may have. Please feel free to
forward this message.

Akiva Werbalowsky
California Polytechnic State University
College of Agriculture 
Bioresource Department
San Luis Obispo, CA  93407

email: awerbalo@calpoly.edu

phone: (805) 756-6153
Fax             -2626

"Cultivating Bioregional Stewardship" 

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