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Harmonic Farming


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Title: Harmonic Farming

A new concept of sustainability

Harmonic Farming

Great to know you show interest in above topic.

I am Werner Gysi from The Gooly Mooly Art Farm, Box 978,in British Columbia (BC), Canada, V0E 1V0.

As a family we have been homesteading for the past 15 years and have given workshops for the last 3 years. These workshops lead to the publication of the book "Harmonic Farming: a love style". We are a family of 8. The two oldest sons have left the home. I am born in 1949 in Switzerland and imigrated to Canada in 1981 where we started the homesteading. I was an Electronic Engineer at that time with some limited experience in beekeeping. The others are: my wife Brigitte and the Children Marcel 14, Anisha 13, Carina 10 and Pascal 4. In the years past we have learned a lot about how to go at providing all the essential foods for a family. I am glad to answer any questions you may have. If you are interested in the book you can order it from me. Just drop me an e-mail message. the price is Can$ 16.95 plus $2.05 shipping or US$ 12.95 plus $3.55 shipping. There is an exerpt from the book on the net at the URL listed below as:
Building An Outside Root Cellar

To find out how we school our kids there is an article on the net under the URL listed below as:
Living In Nature's School Room

What is Harmonic Farming?

The term Harmonic Farming has come to me when I tried to put a name to what we are doing. It includes Organic Farming, Permaculture, Sustainable Agriculture, Biodynamic Farming and a Holistic approach while using your intuitivity and become more conscious about spiritual forces within nature. So if you hear about the term, this is what I intend it to be. I am happy to be of any help and assistance to people interested in above topics.

At present we are traveling on a 36' sailboat along the east coast of the USA to distribute the book to small Book Stores and Health Food Stores. I give workshops to interested groups at no charge, so drop me an e-mail.

At present, Dec. 22/97, we are in St. Augustine, FL.

Links to other sites on the Web

Building An Outside Root Cellar
Living In Nature's School Room

Any coments are welcome.

1997 wgysi@hotmail.com


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