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Natural Life Magazine #48 - Table of Contents


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Title: Natural Life Magazine #48 - Table of Contents
http://www.life.ca                      Natural Life                     March 1996

Natural Life
March/April 1996                            #48
Natural Life Issue #48 March/April 96

Established 1976
Editor: Wendy Priesnitz

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Published by: The Alternate Press
International Standard Serial Number: 0701-8002

Demonstrating Renewable Energy - cover story by Wendy Priesnitz
Growing Disease Resistant Chemical-Free Apples by Lesley Hain
Hot Herbal Bath and Cool Dip by Christine E. Devai
Healing is Believing by R. Duff Doel
A Community's Environmental Struggle by Helen Forsey
A Bicycle on the Road to a Green Society by Wendy Priesnitz
We're Wind Boosters by Wendy Priesnitz
Ozone - Nature's Air Purifier by Charles W. Moore
Women & Children Behind Closed Doors by Ruth Bradley-St-Cyr
My Biggest Home Business Mistakes by Ann Douglas
Growth and Garbage by Jennifer Walters
Highrise Buildings – The Invisible Killer
Living In Nature's School Room
Dioxin & Cancer

The Herb Garden by Rachel McLeod
Friends of the Earth by Kyle Nunas
Believe Your Ears by Ken Shorley

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