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Eastern Permaculture Teachers Association Home Page


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Title: Eastern Permaculture Teachers Association Home Page

Why A Permaculture Teachers Association??

Who should join EPTA?

    Any one who has graduated from a certified design course and has a desire to teach permaculture now or in the future and has enthusiasm and commitment to share with us.

How can you join the EPTA?

What do you get in return?

What we’ve accomplished:

Current Undertakings:

For more information about EPTA you can e-mail us or you can send regular mail to:
Eastern Permaculture Teachers Association
c/o Heathcote Community,
2130 Heathcote Rd.,
Freeland MD 21053
or call (410) 343-3478
This site is being created by Arthur Rodriguez & Rebekah Hicks.

Rather than constructing it, we would like to let it evolve naturally. In order for this to happen we need your input. After all this page is intended as a resource for all permaculturists interested in promoting & teaching permaculture & particularly for those of us who are in the eastern United States & Canada.

Please send comments & suggestions for the EPTA website to artrod@ptd.net With EPTA suggestions in the subject line.