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A Guide to Yankee Permaculture Publications: 1983-1997


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A Guide to Yankee Permaculture Publications: 1983-1997

(second edition - 8/25/97)

Since 1983, Yankee Permaculture has published journals, newsletters, papers, and pamphlets on many aspects of permaculture. Our goal has been to fill the gaps in existing permaculture literature, to pull together and/or better express information otherwise not available in useful form, and to extend the development of permaculture as a concept and movement. Much of the material we have published has been in direct response to needs we perceived in our teaching of the Elfin Permaculture Design Course as well as permaculture workshops and lectures.

We believe that these writings of almost 15 years increase in usefulness as time goes on. Meanwhile, thousands of people new to permaculture do not learn about this useful information. Therefore, we have assembled a summary of these writings by topics. We have skipped items of diminished relevance because they are no longer timely. We hope that you find this list useful. Ordering information is located in the Yankee Permaculture Order Form and/or in our Special Order Catalog (Yankee Permaculture Paper #27.) Comments on the organization of the tables below are included at the end of this document.

We strive to make the information below complete and correct. If you find omissions or errors, please let us know. The number of pages indicated for an article or publication may change in some cases as we update information and/or convert documents from typescript to computer typesetting.

Permaculture: Philosophy & Basics

Publication Title Author Pages Comments
TIPSY #3 Permaculture: Design : A Warning, A Vision, A Gift D Hemenway 12-14 Reprinted PC paper 18
TIPSY #1 Permaculture or the Re-afforestation of the Garden of Eden D & M Kennedy 8-14
TIPSY #2 Living Lovingly on the Earth D Hemenway 9-10 Public domain
Robin IX, 2 The Importance of Listening D Hemenway 3-6
YPC Paper 28 The Politics of Diversity V Shiva 8 pp Reprint
TIPSY #1 A Place of Abundance L Geno 47 Useful Plants
Robin V, 2 Permacult or Permaculture? D Hemenway 1-6
Robin V, 3-4 Letters and editorials on the Permacult vs. Permaculture issue Bill McLarney, D Hemenway 4-6
TIPSY #1 Diversity Among Plants D. Hemenway 5-8
TIPSY #2 Genetic Design for Permaculture Systems E van Lennep 11-12 Useful plants
TIPSY #2 Indecks Cards: An Effective Alternative to Computers for Permaculture Species Selection E Barnhart 63-66 Properties list Design
TIPSY #3 The Introduction of Exotic Tree Species P Henningsen 93 Design
TIPSY #2 Another Way to Mother T Snell 15
TIPSY #4 Faith without Acts and Acts without Faith T Snell 15
TIPSY #4 A Philosophical Look at Permaculture S Breyer 137
Robin VII, 3 Permacare: Toward an Ecology of Health Care D Saxton 4-6
PROD I, 1 Permaculture Ethics B Mollison 1 Disk or print

Permaculture Design

Publication Title Author Pages Comments
TIPSY #4 Water in Permaculture Design: Case Histories D Hemenway 30-36 Aquaculture
TIPS I, 1 Seventeen-Year Itch: A Plea for Phenology J Duke 7-11 Species list
TIPS I, 1 Ethics, Environment and Economics--A Bioregional Perspective D Hemenway 19-20
Robin II, 3 Regional Banking--The Share Program S Witt 4
YPC Paper 11 Arid Land Water Harvesting J Fargher 8 pp
YPC Paper 13 Energy Paper #1: Domestic Energy (updated) B Mollison, D Hemenway 16 pp Resource list
YPC Paper 14 Energy Paper #2: Village Power Generation and Energy Conservation B Mollison 32 pp Resource list
YPC Paper 15 Outlines for Permaculture Village Development B Mollison 28 pp Resource list
YPC Paper 21 Permaculture Design Client Survey D Hemenway 18 pp
YPC Paper 24 The Elfin Permaculture Design Course-- Working Outline D Hemenway Print/Disk
YPC Paper 24E The Elfin Permaculture Design Dorrespondence Course for Email. Standard reading schedule and assignments. D Hemenway Email/Disk
YPC Paper 34 Kudzu Utilization Concept Paper D Hemenway Print/Disk
Robin IIV, 2 Special Report: The Permaculture Education Project D Hemenway 28 pp
Robin VII, 4 The 10-Day Permaculture Design Workshop D Hemenway
PDC Pamphlet I An Introduction to Permaculture B Mollison 11 pp Print/Disk
PDC Pamphlet II Permaculture in Humid Landscapes B Mollison 20 pp Print/disk
PDC Pamphlet III Permaculture in Arid Landscapes B Mollison 7 pp Print/Disk
PDC Pamphlet IV-VI Permaculture on Low Islands, Permaculture on High Islands, Permaculture on Granitic Landscapes (Sold as one in print) B Mollison 7 pp Print/disk
PDC Pamphlet VII & XV Permaculture for Fire Control & Permaculture for Millionaires (Sold as one in print.) B Mollison 6 pp Print/disk
PDC Pamphlet VIII Designing for Permaculture B Mollison 20 pp Print/disk
PDC Pamphlet IX Permaculture Techniques B Mollison 20 pp Print/disk
PDC Pamphlet X Forests in Permaculture B Mollison 17 pp Print/disk
PDC Pamphlet XI Water in Permaculture B Mollison 11 pp Print/Disk
PDC Pamphlet XIII The Permaculture Community B Mollison 5 pp Print/Disk
PDC Pamphlet XIV The Permaculture Alternative B Mollison 6 pp Print/Disk

Permaculture Designs

Publication Title Author Pages Comments
Special Order 1. Full Permaculture Design--Cold Maritime Climate D Hemenway 85 pp + support Print/disk
Special Order 2 Partial Permaculture Design--Sun Space and Front Yard, Central Massachusetts (USA) D Hemenway 33 pp Print
Special Order 3 Full Permaculture Design, Rural Retirement Home, New Hampshire USA D Hemenway 30 pp Print
Special Order 4 Full Permaculture Design, Rural/Suburban New York State (USA) Family Home D Hemenway @40 pp Print
Special Order 5 Full Permaculture Design, Suburban Massachusetts, USA D Hemenway @25 pp Print
Special Order 6 Full Permaculture Design, Demonstration Permaculture Farm PDC Students @45 pp Print
Special Order 7 Full PC Design, Demonstration & Education Farm, New Jersey PDC students @100 pp Print
Special Order 8 2 Permaculture Designs, Urban Demonstration and Education Site, Florida, USA PDC students Print/disk
Special Order 19 Full Permaculture Design for a Middle-Class Homestead in Western Michigan PC workshop students 26 pp Print/disk
Special Order 22 Notes and Design: Weekend Workshop at Fundacion Mariposa in the Highlands of Puebla, Mexico (Spanish language) PC workshop students 40 pp Print
Special Order 29 Permaculture Design, Rural Florida Homestead PDC students 47 pp Print/disk

Standard Designs, Reference & Resource

(See Also Useful Plants, Useful Animals, Appropriate Technology)
Publication Title Author Pages Comments
TRIP The Resources of International Permaculture (@ 2070 listings) D Hemenway 70 Print/disk.
YPC Paper 29 The Permaculture Resource Directory R Webb 34 Book list
YPC Paper 23 Elfin Permaculture Press List (@700 listings) D Hemenway varies Print/Disk
PSL Permaculture Supplier List (@925 entries) D Hemenway Disk or print
Special Order 45 An Open Siphon Irrigation System, D Hemenway Disk or print
Special Order 1-B From PCD 1, Rock Pocket Standard Design. D Hemenway Disk or print
Special Order 1-C From PCD 1, Windbreak Design and Illustrations. D Hemenway Disk or print
Special Order 1-D From PCD 1, Integrated Greenhouse, Greywater Treatment, and Poultry House D Hemenway Disk or print
Special Order 1-E From PCD 1, Rooftop Water Catchment System. D Hemenway Disk or Print
Special Order 1-F From PCD 1, Integrated Solar/Wood Hot Water System D Hemenway Disk or Print
Special Order 1-G From PCD 1, Integrated Ventilation of Greenhouse & Dwelling D Hemenway Disk or Print
Special Order 1-H From PDC 1. Species List, Extreme Cold Climate D Hemenway Disk or Print
Special Order 1-L From PCD 1, Heat Value of Northern Hardwoods Compared (updated) D Hemenway Disk or Print
Special Order 1-M From PCD 1. 300 Analyses of Fertilizer Value of "Waste" materials. (Updated) D Hemenway Disk or Print
PROD I, 1 Agroforestry in Permaculture (resource list) D Hemenway 1-4 Print or Disk
PROD I, 1 For More Information about Bamboo.... (resource list) D Hemenway 6 Print or Disk

Urban Permaculture

Publication Title Author Pages Comments
TIPSY #1 A Vision: Gardens of Eden in Urban Massachusetts D. Hemenway 17-20
TIPSY #1 The Greening of the Cities: Perennials for the Urban Northeast M Talbot 21-22
TIPSY #1 Steps to Re-Shape the City D Hemenway 23
TIPSY #1 Beginnings in Urban Permaculture L Mead 24-25 Species list
TIPSY #1 Short Report on Savier's Market Garden in Ballainviliers D Kennedy 26-27 Gardening
TIPSY #1 Farms for England's Cities 28-29
TIPSY #1 The Massachusetts Fruition Program J Heiman 66-68 Useful plants
TIPSY #2 A Fruition Guide to Design 67-68 Design
TIPSY #2 The Urban Permaculture Project collective 16-20
TIPSY #2 Urban Forest Products K Tremblay 21-24 Species list
PDC Pamphlet XII Permaculture for Urban Areas & Urban-Rural Linkages B Mollison 6 pp Print/Disk

Useful Plants-General

(See also bee & poultry forage under "Useful Animals", Fruition articles under "Urban" and items marked "useful plants" or "species list" in the comments.)
Publication Title Author Pages Comments
TIPSY #4 Economic Plants for Holdridge Life Zones: Climatic Requirements of 1000 Species J Duke 56-71 Species list
TIPSY #3 Food Plants for USDA Zone 7 and Colder Zones S Breyer 47 Species list
TIPSY #1 Considerations in Designing a Poultry Forage D. Hemenway 30-32 Poultry forage
TIPSY #1 Chicken Forage Species List J Wires 32--40 Species list
TIPSY #1 Caragana: The Pea Shrubs T Snell 41-44 Poultry forage
TIPSY #3 Staghorn Sumac D Frey 46 Rhus
TIPSY #4 The Hog Peanut D Frey 74 Nitrogen fixing
TIPS I, 2 The Oaks D Bainbridge 9-12 Species List
YPC Paper 12 The Oaks J Fargher 4 pp Species List
TIPSY #1 Nitrogen Fixing Trees J Duke 48-51 Species list
TIPSY #1 Actinidia Arguta: The Cold-Hardy Relative of the Kiwifruit E Goodell 52-54 Actinidia
TIPSY #4 How to Grow Hardy Kiwi M McConkey 52-55 Actinidia
TIPS I, 2 Cancer Prevention and Therapy with Kiwifruit in Chinese Folklore Medicine N Motoshashi 6-9 Actinidia
TIPSY #3 The Return of the American Chestnut R D Wallace & C A Burns 36-37
TIPS I, 2 Weakening the Chestnut Blight Fungus B Cady 18
TIPSY #4 Wild Food Plants of Maryland J Duke 48-51 Species list
TIPS I, 2 Wild Edibles of the Eastern and Central United States J Duke 18 Species list
TIPSY #3 Nutrient Analyses of Fruits & Nuts USDA 27
TIPSY #3 Breeding for Cold Tolerance in Citrus E van Lennep 33-35
TIPS I, 2 Annuals & Biennials in the Permaculture Scenario J Duke 17
TIPSY #3 Jojoba: New Hope for Arid Lands E van Lennep 38-41 Drylands
TIPSY #3 Ferns in Permaculture Design D Frey 42-43
YPC Paper 1 The Onions B Mollison 4 pp Species List
YPC Paper 2 The Palms B Mollison 8 pp Species list
YPC Paper 3 Useful Bamboos A Jeeves 8 pp Species list
YPC Paper 4 Useful Cactus, Agave, and Aloe Species R Slay 7 pp Species list
YPC Paper 5 Useful Climbing Plants B Mollison 13 pp Species list
YPC Paper 7 Panchavati: The Sacred Ayurvedic Grove of India B Mollison & R Slay 6 pp Species list
YPC Paper 9 Important Legumes of Use J Fargher 17 pp Species list
Special Order 20 Inventory of Tropical Vegetables F Martin et al @150 pp Print
YPC Paper 31 Plants for Use in Permaculture in the Tropics F Martin 58 pp Print/Disk Species lists Resource lists
Special Order 50. SO 50. Information Paper on Neem D Hemenway All media.
PROD I, 1 Bamboos in Permaculture Design 6 Print or Disk

Useful Plants-Wetlands

(See also "Useful Plants-General, "Wetland Bee Forage" under "Useful Animals")
Publication Title Author Pages Comments
TIPSY #4 Purple Osier Willow and Red Osier Dogwood as Basket Materials R Bailey 37
TIPSY #4 Permaculture for Wetlands D Frey 38-47 Species list
TIPSY #1 Seaside Alder: Alnus japonica/maritima J Duke 45-46 Alnus
TIPSY #3 Alders in Nova Scotia P Henningsen 44-45 Alnus
TIPSY #4 More Alder Uses R Bailey 51 Alnus
TIPSY #2 A High Protein Tuber for the Permaculture Garden? D Hemenway 25 Apios
TIPSY #2 Apios Americana J Wires 26 Apios
TIPSY #2 Properties of the Groundnut J Duke 2729 Apios
TIPSY #2 Cultivation of Apios americana S Breyer 30, 33 Apios
TIPS I, 3 T. O. Warren on Mayhaws T O Warren 43-47
YPC Paper 6 Useful Plants of Wetlands B Mollison 11 pp Species List

Useful Animals

Publication Title Author Pages Comments
TIPSY #2 Summertime Bees, Naturally F Lagrant 31-32 Bees
TIPSY #2 Designing Bees into Your Permaculture M Pilarski 32-33 Useful plants, bee forage
TIPSY #2 Plants Visited by Honey Bees 34-41 Bee forage, useful plants
TIPSY #2 Wetland Bee Forage D Frey 38-41 Species list
TIPSY #4 Aquaculture in Permaculture Systems B McLarney 26-29 Design
TIPSY #4 Food Supply in an Aquaculture System B Mollison 30-31 Design
TIPSY #4 An Aquaculture Reading List 71
TIPS I, 1 The Farmed Wetland Alternative: Crawfish and Baldcypress Co-propagation in the South Delta Region M R Miltner 16-18 Wetlands
TIPSY #4 Colony Rabbit Raising: An Alternative to Cages R Anderson 75-77
TIPS I, 3 Earthworms, Humus and Rock Dust B Oldfield 40 Soil
YPC Paper 19 Pig Raising and Free Range Forage species B Mollison 6 pp
PROD I, 1 Feeding Trees to Hogs 5 Print or Disk
PROD I, 1 Rabbits... Chickens... What Else Will Eath Trees D Hemenway 5 Print or Disk
PROD I, 1 Some Temperate Trees and Vines that Rabbits Eath D Hemenway 5 Print or Disk

Seeds/Seed Collecting

Publication Title Author Pages Comments
TIPSY #2 Collecting Tree & Shrub Seed M Pilarski 13-14 Species list
TIPSY #3 Collecting Tree & Shrub Seed--Part II M Pilarski 26-32
TIPSY #4 shipping Moist and Stratified Seed M Pilarski 72-73 Species list
TIPSY #3 Politics and Genetic Resources C Fowler 9-11
TIPS I, 2 Humanity at the Crossroads of Biotechnology SAM 3-4
TIPS I, 2 Standards V. Hybrids R Johnston 3-5


Publication Title Author Pages Comments
TIPS I, 3 A Permaculture Primer: Basic of Soil Health D Hemenway 7-28
TIPS I, 3 Getting There L Nachtigal & D Hemenway 29-39 Design
YPC Paper 30 About Soil (Reprints from Soil Remineralization Magazine) D Hemenway 11 pp Reprints
TIPS I, 3 Plant Symbiosis: A Deeper Ecology M Crofoot 31-32
TIPS I, 3 Soil Fertility L Harrison 33-36
TIPSY #2 Safe Garden Soil in Lead-Contaminated Sties 18 Also in urban
TIPSY #2 Additional Strategies for Lead Management in Garden Crops 29-20 Also in urban
TIPS I, 1 Information for Using Gesteinsmehl Gathered in Fertilizing Experiments C Campe 15 Remineralization
TIPS I, 3 C-4 x N-2 = Self Sufficiency J Duke 41-42 Species list
YPC Paper 10 Erosion: Principles & Management J Fargher 10 pp


Publication Title Author Pages Comments
TIPSY #4 Farm Debt W Jackson 138-139 Farming
TIPS I, 1 Traditional Practices of Farmers SAM 13-15 Design
YPC Paper 16 Gardening Article Reprints D Hemenway 12 pp
YPC Paper 17 Composting Human Wastes D Hemenway & D Stephens 3 pp Reprints
YPC Paper 20 Circle Garden Patterns R Webb & D Hemenway 2 pp Design
Robin III 1 Can Environmental Principles Help the Small Farmer Survive? D Hemenway 1--5
Robin VI, 3-4 From Global Crisis Towards Ecological Agriculture N Hildyard 13-23 Reprint
Special Order 24 Techniques & Plants for the Tropical Subsistence Farm F Martin et al Species list
Special Order 28 Energy-Conserving Perennial Agriculture for Marginal Land in Southern Appalachia G Williams @50 pp Print
YPC Paper 36 Patiofarming: Ornamenting Your Tropical & Subtropical Homestead with Ornamental Plants F Martin 34 pp Print
Special Order 23 El Deseño de Explotaciones Agrarias Sostenibles (Spanish) R Wade Print

Forest Issues

Publication Title Author Pages Comments
TIPSY 4 The Fate of Our Forests: A Time to Choose D Hemenway 2-7
TIPSY #3 An Invitation D Hemenway 1 Forest decline
TIPSY #3 Forests: Green Gifts from Gaia B Mollison 22-26
TIPS I, 1 Grass Roots Solutions to forest Loss: FERN, the Tree Bank, and Fate of our Forests Conferences D Hemenway 2-4
YPC Paper 26 The Forest Ecosystem Rescue Network Resource Packet D Hemenway et al Includes resource list
Robin I, 3 Acid Rain: Eat Your Heart Out, Mother D Hemenway 4-5
Robin II, 1 Brothers and Sisters: D Hemenway 1-2
Robin II, 3 A People's Conference on the Fate of Our Forests D Hemenway 1-3
Robin V, 1 The Tree Bank Takes Shape D Hemenway 3-8
Robin V, 1 New Zealand--A Global Tree Bank J Whatly 10-12
Robin V, 1 Peoples Conference on the Fate of Our Forests D Hemenway 14
Robin V, 3&4 Boycott Recycled Paper D Hemenway 9
Robin V, 3&4 Otago Genetic Resources Trust 11-15
Robin V, 3&4 Crushed Limestone Helps Trees 17
Robin VI, 1 Fate of Our Forests Conferences Set for Sept. 14-16 1-3
Robin VI, 1 Planting as a Conservation Tool J Ambrose 6-8
Robin VI, 1 Letter to Maple Syrup Producers D Hemenway 9
Robin VI, 1 Forest Resource Crisis in the Third World SAM 10-11
Robin VI, 3-4 The Stratford Ontario 1990 Fate-of-Our-Forests Conferences D Hemenway 46
Robin VI, 3-4 An Emergency Call to Action for the Forests, Their People, and Life on Earth World Rainforest Movement 24-28 Reprint
Robin VI, 3-4 Tree Health Surveys Dendrologist 34 Reprint
Robin VII, 2 What is Tree Bank? D Hemenway 4
Robin IX, 1 TreeBank Trust of New Zealand Meeting Prepares Ground for Increased TreeBank Plantings D Hemenway i-2
Robin IX, 3 The Forest Ecosystem Rescue Network (Information sheet) D Hemenway 9-10
Robin X, 1 The Tree Bank (information Sheet) D Hemenway 7-8
Robin X, 1 Seed Collecting for the Tree Bank (information sheet) D Hemenway 9-10
Robin X, 3 Fall (1994) Seed Expedition Nets 136 Accessions D Hemenway 1-6
Robin X, 3 A Short Guide to Tropical Rainforest Issues N Madlin 7


Publication Title Author Pages Comments
TIPSY #3 A Green World Instead of the Greenhouse J Duke 15-21 Species List
TIPSY #4 Solar Age or Ice Age: Which Will You Work For? D Weaver 16-25 Remineralization
TIPS I, 3 Climate & Ozone: The Stratospheric Link J Gribbin 3-6
Robin VII, 3 The Wells Fire Network Newsletter K Scherer 8-13 Reprint


Publication Title Author Pages Comments
TIPSY #3 One man's Search for Biotechnical Control of Poison Ivy J Duke 92
TIPSY #4 Poisonous Wild Plants M C Williams 39
TIPS I, 1 An Integrated Pest-Control System for a Rice Paddy L Nachtigal & D Hemenway 13-4 Wetlands

Appropriate Technology

(See also: Standard Designs)
Publication Title Author Pages Comments
Speical Order 48 Future Sustainable Homes P f Howden Print/disk.
Special Order 46 How to Live--Free at Last by Dr. P. ffyske Howden P f Howden about 120 Print/disk.


Publication Title Author Pages Comments
Robin II, 3 Bioregionalism -- The Art of Living at Home D Hemenway 8-9
Robin IIV, 1 Bioregions: The Context for Reinhabiting the Earth T Berry 2-4
YPC Paper 8 Bioregional Organization B Mollison 4 pp
Robin I, 1 Recommendations from the Green Movement to NABC p 3
Robin I, 2 Report on North American Bioregional Congress A Kingsolver 1
Robin I, 4 Bioregional Green Politics in the Pioneer Valley T Joukowsky et al 1-2
Robin I, 4 Bioregionalism vs Green Politics D Hemenway 2-3
Robin IIV, 1 Bioregionalism and the Green Movement 7
Robin I, 4 What is a Bioregional Congress D Haenke 7
Robin IIV, 1 North American Bioregional Congress II D Hemenway 1
Robin VII, 4 Report from Paris (on "Roots of the Future" NBO Conference D Hemenway 3-8

Important but Unclassified

Publication Title Author Pages Comments
TIPSY #4 A Strategy for Saving Plants from Extinction: The Center for Plant Conservation F Thibodeau 140-142
TIPS I, 3 Chinampa Agriculture in the Valley of Mexico--Coevolution of Technology and Ecology B McLarney 37-39 Wetland permaculture
YPC Paper 22 Permaculture Center Proposal D & C Hemenway approx. 50 pp
Robin IX, 5 A Time to Set Seed W Köthke 4-6

Explanation of Codes and Notations


TIPSY=The International Permaculture Seed (or Species) Yearbook. The following volume numbers correspond to the years indicated. TIPSY 1=1983; TIPSY 2=1984, TIPSY 3=1985, TIPSY 4=1986.
TIPS=The International Permaculture Solutions Journal. TIPS I, 1=TIPS, Volume I, Number 1, and so forth.
Robin=Robin Newsletter. Robin I, 1=Robin Newsletter, Volume I, Number 1, and so forth
YPC Paper refers to Yankee Permaculture Papers. YPC 1=Yankee Permaculture Paper #1, and so forth.
Special Order refers to papers listed in the Yankee Permaculture Special Order Catalog, Yankee Permaculture Paper #27. Special Order 1= Special Order Paper #1.

PDC Pamphlet refers to the Permaculture Design Course Pamphlet series. The Roman numeral following indicates the corresponding number of the pamphlet. PDC Pamphlet I=Permaculture Design Course Pamphlet #I, an so forth. All Permaculture Design Course Pamphlets are in the public domain and may be freely reprinted.


Insofar as practical, we have listed the exact title of the publication.

We list only the first initial of the author so that we do not have to go to a smaller, harder-to-read typeface. If you recognize the author's full name, you'll probably recognize it in this form. If not, it doesn't matter.

In a few cases, where a number of authors are involved, we list only the first with "et al" indicating that there's a bunch more. Some materials have no author listed or are the product of such a collective effort so no author is listed.


Where we are listing an article, as inside a journal or other publication, we indicate the page number(s) where the article can be found. Where we are listing the entire document, as with a Permaculture Paper, we list the total number of pages, exclusive of promotional material. Where articles have been published in more than one place, we usually list only the publication that is most complete and useful.


The comments can add any kind of information. In some cases, we use the comment as a keyword, indicating that the publication cited also fits another category. For example, although we have listed "A Place of Abundance" under Permaculture: Philosophy and Basics, it also fits under Useful Plants" so we wrote "Useful Plants" in the comments box. It will be obvious to people familiar with permaculture that it is almost impossible to fit a good permaculture article into just one category because permaculture is wholistic.

Certain comments are regarded as particularly important. These are in bold type. Since the comments box is small, they any other comments we might have listed. The bold type comments have the following meanings:

Public domain means simply that the publication has been placed in the public domain for all to reprint as they see fit, without need for royalties or permission.

Species list indicates that this article has a species list. Generally, these are compact and particularly useful forms of providing information. Resource list indicates that the publication lists useful suppliers, organizations and/or publications.

Print/disk indicates that the publication is available in both conventional print form as well as on computer disk. (Send a SASE + $1.00 for a disk order form. You may also need to use Special Order Paper #27 if the disk format is not listed on the Yankee Permaculture Order Form.) Disk or Print alone indicates that publication is available in only the corresponding format. We do have a scanner, and can enter many documents on disk, however the cost will reflect that the process is time consuming and involves expensive equipment. Some versions available on disk can also be supplied via email. Others cannot. SPECIAL NOTE: Not included in this list are special order reprints from out of print government publications and similar public domain materials. Notable in these publications are extensive materials on food crops for the tropics. For a list of such publications, order Yankee Permaculture Paper 27, our Special Order Catalog. Also not included for the most part are book reviews, organization reviews, and letters to the editor.