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Gilmore Ponds Conservancy


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Title: Gilmore Ponds Conservancy

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Gilmore Ponds Conservancy Inc.

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What is Gilmore Ponds?

Nearly hidden by an industrial park and an airport, Gilmore Ponds Interpretive Preserve provides over 200 acres of marsh, ponds, and other wetland wildlife habitat. This wildlife oasis lies entirely within the boundaries of the city of Hamilton Ohio, just north of Cincinnati. Each spring and fall the ponds teem with migratory waterfowl and songbirds. White-tailed deer frequent the area, along with red-tailed hawks, great blue heron, woodcock, red fox, raccoons, mink, weasels, leopard frogs, painted turtles, and many other mammals, reptiles and amphibians. Gilmore Ponds is one of just a few sites in Greater Cincinnati that hosts breeding wetland birds.

Who is Gilmore Ponds Conservancy?

The Gilmore Ponds Conservancy, Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation organized to protect local wetlands and natural areas, in particular, Gilmore Ponds. This includes land acquisition and education. The Gilmore Ponds Conservancy is comprised of 'birders', naturalists, and outdoor enthusiasts of all ages. Established in November of 1990, the conservancy now has over 140 members. Four times a year the conservancy publishes Around the Ponds, a newsletter of interesting articles and news from around the area.

What activities are coming up?

Where is Gilmore Ponds?

Gilmore Ponds is in Hamilton, Ohio. To get to Gilmore Ponds from Cincinnati, take I-275 to Ohio 4 north. Turn right on By-pass 4 to Symmes Road. Turn left and follow Symmes to Gilmore Road. Turn right and follow Gilmore to the parking lot on the right before the railroad tracks. Pond Map

Anything else?

Here are some pictures from the brochure, and a page of useful links to other web sites.

Gilmore Ponds Conservancy contacts:
Web Page:
Darlene Sadler
Mark Stephens

Gilmore Ponds is part of
MetroParks of Butler County
Mike Muska, Director
Board of Park Commissioners:
Greg Amend, Will Harbaum, Stanley D. Rullman
2200 Hancock Avenue
Hamilton, Ohio 45011
phone: 513 867-5835
fax: 513 867-5954

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