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Electronic Newspaper for Agro business

On Sat, 23 May 1998 16:12:26 GMT, in alt.agriculture.misc gusmor@my-dejanews.com

>Dear Srs.,
>"El Agropecuario" is a new electronic publication devoted to the difusion of
>information of interest to people involved in Agriculture - Zootecnists and
>People interested on Natural Resources Management.  Your postings can be done
>with offers, needs, prodcts information, etc.  The e-zine is also printed for
>its distribution in Ecuador.  If there´s an interest in other countries,
>please state it writting to aracno@aracno.net
>Please visit our site in http://www.aracno.net/agropecuario
>Gustavo Morejon
>El Agropecuario, webmaster.
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