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Dear Sir,

It is really nice to visit your site. Now I am sending 
you a document to exchange our idea and technology on 
energy efficiency and environment.

Best regards
Pei Gengsheng

                  A Program for Peaceful Utilization of
                  the Natural Green Valley Refrigeration

      Need is the mother of invention. In present world the most important
need is to solve the serious problems that threaten the existence and a
sustainable development of mankind.
     In autumn 1984 the inventor discovered the scientific principle of the
Natural Green Valley Refrigeration Technology. In the past 13 years, he has
gone through numerous hardships in putting the principle into practical
use. He did not made it known to the public because on one hand he wanted
to refine the technology, and on the other hand he wanted to get rid of
side effects so that the technology could serve society better.
After a geat deal of thinking the inventor wrote this "Program for Peaceful
Utilization" as a technical document. What is said in it is true and
practical. But as a program of action to promote a new technology it is
only a draft for discussion.

The whole document is divided into five parts: A New Concept of a New
Refrigeration Technology, Shortcomings of the Old Refrigeration Technology,
Characteristics of the New Products, a New Power for the Coming Century,
New Morals and a New Order.

I. A New Concept of a New Refrigeration Technology

      Confucius said: "Heaven does not say a word, but the four seasons
move on as arranged." The earth itself is a gigantic air-conditioner. In
winter the ground is frozen and covered with snow. Mother Nature is a
refrigeration expert. The inventor noticed the phenomenon of natural
refrigeration, and such observation led him to the conclusion that
artificial refrigeration is not as good as natural refrigeration.
      So far all the artificial refrigeration means are not in fact
refrigeration. It is only the "moving" of heat energy.
      Refrigerators, freezers, air-conditioners and cold storages produce
more heat than cold. The total effect is that the quantity of heat in the
environment is becoming larger and larger.
      If two parts of a detachable air-conditioner, one for cold, for for
heat, are put in one room and run simultaneously, the temperature in the
room will be higher, not lower. No matter the air-conditioner is made in
China, Japan, the United States or any other country in the world, the
result is the same.
      If natural refrigeration worked the same way as artificial
refrigeration, the Antarctica would be scorching hot when the Arctic were
still under ice. Fortunately the work of natural refrigeration is different
from that of artificial refrigeration. Cold weather is not caused by heat;
and warm weather is not caused by cold.
      Artificial refrigeration acts in a diametrically opposite way:
obtaining cold from heat and obtaining heat from cold. Thus the more cold
is produced in the world the warmer the world becomes. As a result there
will be more heat in the world and it will be more difficult to make it
cooler. The artificial refrigeration technology of the world today is
limited, slow, inefficient, costly and harmful to the environment.
      The present refrigeration technology is accelerating to make the
environment worse and exhausting natural resources.
      But there is a new path to a bright future. The inventor has found a
new artificial refrigeration technology which can break away from old
theories that have long been divorced from the practice of production.
Starting from a view point of objective being the new technology learns
from natural refrigeration, giving mankind of the 21st century magnificent
      Heat on the earth comes from the sun, from the sun's heat
radiation.There are absolutely no compressors that can transmit heat so
that an evaporator can produce cold and turn the Southern Hemisphere (or
Northern Hemisphere) into winter, or condensers that can turn the Northern
Hemisphere (or Southern Hemisphere) into summer.
      A basic fact on the earth is that when the sun comes out it will be
warmer; when it comes down it will be cooler. Thus an important technical
principle can be deduced: the quantity of heat can be reduced naturally and
the quantity of cold can be increased naturally.
      Then some people may say: That's not true. It is cooler at night on
the earth because the earth has released all the heat it received during
the day into the outer space.
      The highest temperature of the inner core of the sun is 15 million
degrees while the limit low temperature in the depth of the outer space is
above absolute zero. The length of time of the day and that of night are
much the same. During the day the earth receives radiant heat from the sun
at a temperature difference of 15 million degrees between the earth and the
sun. Can it be possible the amount of heat the earth receives during the
day is equal to that it reflects into the outer space at night at a
temperature difference of 300 degrees between the earth and the outer
      The radiant heat of the sun reaches the water and land surface of the
earth through the atmosphere and cloud layer. The total quantity of heat
the atmosphere, water and land receive adds more heat on the earth every
day. An insulating layer of the atmosphere makes it even more difficult for
the earth's surface to radiate heat into the outer space. The atmosphere is
very thin and has a small capacity of heat. How can it be able to send
strong heat radiation into the outer space?
      The earth receives a tremendous amount of heat from the sun every
day, while the combined amount of the heat the earth emits into the outer
space and the heat it supplies to living things for chemical transformation
is an absolutely small amount. The ratio between the two figures can be as
large as one to one hundred. But the earth has not become warmer because of
so much net increase of heat. The heat is consumed and dispersed, thus its
quantity is naturally reduced and disappears.
     Calileo has this to say: The truth is not found in authoritative
writings covered with dust. It is found in the great wordless book of the
universe and nature.
      "The quantity of heat can be naturally decreased, and the quantity of
cold can be naturally increased." The inventor has a profound understanding
of this ever-lasting natural phenomenon. A new refrigeration technology
entirely different from the present refrigeration technology has thus been
    The efficiency of natural refrigeration is an infinite astronomical
figure, while the efficiency of artificial refrigeration is a one-digital
figure. In order to stabilize social order, to protect the achievements of
modern civilization and to prevent causes of economic crises, the inventor
believes priority should be given to the development of a new refrigeration
technology with an efficiency several times higher than the existing one.
The key point is to overcome the shortcomings of the old technology harmful
to the enviornment, and to make use of the present production facilities
for mass production of products developed through the new technology in
order to gain the best economic, social and natural benefits.
     The inventor of the principle of the new refrigeration technology has
named it the "Natural Green Valley Refrigeration Technology".

II. Shortcomings of the Old Refrigeration Technology

      Artificial refrigeration began in 1877 when Professor Lind of the
Munich Industry Institute made the first refrigerator for practical use by
using the principle of ammonia expansion. In the past 120 years since then
the principle has been changed little. All the refrigerators, cold
storages, freezers and air-conditioners are produced by the same technology
except changes in materials and an addition of multi-stage compressor.
Semi-conductor refrigeration, sorption refrigeration and magnet
refrigeration were insignificant compared to Lind's steam compression
technology and far from the main stream of refrigeration industry .
      All the basic heat theories and calculation formulas of the present
refrigeration technology are only to use in strict conversion the Cartone's
Principle and Cartone's Formula of 170 years old. 
    A common knowledge is that theories originate in engineering practice.
Modern refrigeration technology is different. Its "complete" theory
appeared 50 years earlier than its en-gineering practice.
      So we can call the modern refrigeration technology the old
technology. It is natural this technology has many shortcomings.
      Shortcomings of the old technology are listed as follows: 
      First, low efficiency and high electricity waste.
      An ordinary household refrigerator consumes about one kwh a day. A
kwh is 3,600kj electrical energy. If we set the ratio of theoretical
refrigeration coefficient at 2.5 one kwh can produce 2,153kcal of cold that
should freeze 21kg of water at a temperature of 20℃. But in fact it cannot
freeze even 2kg of water of normal temperature.
    The situation of multiplex freezers of multi-stage compression is even
worse. An empty 100-200 liter refrigerator with a 2kw engine cannot even
reach -60℃ in 2-3 hours of constant operation.
      20,000kj of electricity can produce about 200kj of cold. The ratio
between electricity consumption and cold production is about 100:1. This
shocking figure perhaps is unknown to the common people. Even those who
know it would not be willing to acknowledge it.
      The low efficiency of air-conditioning is also shocking. On an
air-conditioner one reads only the theoretical quantity of cold it should
be able to produce. The actual quantity of cold production is neglected.
      New products are turned out with old technology to meet the market
demand, acclaiming they can save a great amount of electricity. But no
manufacturer publicizes the ratio between the total electricity consumption
and the actual amount of refrigeration. The producers do not say so not
because they have a mutual understanding but because they would feel
embarrassed to do so.
      Second, harmful to biocological enviornment and causing pollution.
      People all know that freon, a crucial part of artificial
refrigeration, can destroy the ozonosphere. But the source of  this hazard
has not been eliminated.
     Another harm the present refrigeration technology produces is heat
pollution. When the weather is warmer, demand for refrigeration is higher.
But the refrigeration efficiency is lower as the weather is hotter. And
with a low efficiency the refrigeration process will produce more heat. A
refrigerator in a room in summer would be like a stove.
      The heat emitted by an air-conditioner can cause more harm. A city in
summer is like an island of heat. Every family tries its hardest to expel
heat from its house, a typical social phenomenon in which one dumps wastes
into the courtyard of the next neighbor.
     The third harm is noise pollution. Low quality refrigerators are very
noisy. Freezers and air-conditioners, no matter of what quality, all cause
serious noise problem.
      Third, high electricity consumption during the peak of power use.
      Multiplex freezers and cold storages need a high power. Though they
waste a lot of electricity they do not cause much harm because they are of
a comparatively small number. The situation is different in the case of
air-conditioners. Every household may install an air-conditioner. When the
weather is hot all the air-conditioners will be turned on. An
air-conditioner  power is at least 1,000 w. Almost all the developing
countries cannot afford so large an amount of electricity consumption at
the peak of power use. The fact is that in developing countries, some
people who have money cannot install air-condioners; those who have
installed air-conditioners have to suffer the inconvenience of frequent
power cuts.
     Fourth, slow cooling speed.
     Refrigerators and freezers, including chill boxes, all acclaim in
their advertising they can produce cold quickly, giving the customer a
psychological satisfaction. The temperature in an empty refrigerator
reaches a required initial degree in two hours. How can it freeze contents
in it in a short time?
    In summer the cold produced by an air-conditioner is quickly
compensated by the heat in the room. The room temperature may be 4-5
degrees lower after two hours of continuous, noisy running of the
air-conditioner. Is this a high-class luxury of our modern civilization?
      Fifth, exorbitant price.
      A born shortcoming of the old technology is high costs of the
products, their operation and maintenance, putting a heavy financial burden
on the consumer.
      In the past the common people could not afford of an air-conditioner.
Now many of they can do so but feel difficult to pay the electricity bill.

III. Characteristics of the New Products

      After 13 years of arduous work, the Natural Green Valley
Refrigeration Technology has become mature; its theories have been well
established; and its technical process has become routine. Its economic
benefits will be tremendous. Commercial production of the technology has
begun. Technical data and sample products are ready for examination and
appraisal by those who are interested.
     A common practice is that the development of a new technology or a new
product begins from a lower level and advances to a higher level step by
step through constant improvement. The Natural Green Valley Refrigeration
Technology has taken the opposite direction: from a higher level to a lower
level. However, in consideration of the general interests of mankind we
first put out products of a lower level and will turn out higher-level
products later.
     Our name of the technology embraces two meanings: Natural refers to
Heaven; Green Valley refers to Earth.
      A green valley is an ideal place to live in. In it there are clouds
and mist. In Chinese philosophy a valley also means modesty which can allow
many things to dwell in. When the world is hit by droughts or floods
streams in the Green Valley flow peacefully and the Valley has its way to
preserve the soil.
      The philosophy of the East advocates that people should act in
accordance with the law of Nature. The inventor has come to understand this
through reading the wordless book of Nature. His Natural Green Valley
Refrigeration Technology is to overcome the shortcomings of the old
refrigeration technology in order to serve society with its unprecedented
      The following is a brief introduction to the functions and
characteristics of the new products made according to the new technology:
      1. Regular Natural Green Valley Refrigerator
      Compared to the refrigerators on present market, the new
refrigerator's form, production cost, size and weight are much the same. It
does not use freon, is quiet and does not produce any other public hazard.
It also has such unique characteristics:
      First, it does not release heat. During its operation, the
temperature on all its parts that may radiate heat is lower than the
highest temperature of the day. So the old refrigerator that resembles a
furnace in summer will fall into disuse;
     Second, it can save energy and raise refrigeration efficiency by many
times. Under normal refrigeration conditions the new product can save 50-80
percent of electricity for the same quantity of cold production compared to
the present famous brands;
      Third, it has a built-in storage device which can keep the machine
working for 48 hours after a power failure.
      2. Natural Green Valley Quick Freezer
    The new product has all the main functions and characteristics of
freezers on the present market. Its outstanding feature is that the
temperature in the chilling chamber and the quick-freezing chamber can be
brought to -30℃ in five minutes, consuming much less electricity than
common freezers.
     The Natural Green Valley Quick-Freezer, especially suitable for
quick-freezing food, preserving freshness and preventing decay, has a very
promising prospect in the market.
      3. Natural Green Valley Cryocooler
      The Natural Green Valley Cryocooler with a chamber temperature
between -30℃to -80℃ has the following out-standing features:
      First, its production cost is only one-third of that of those on the
present market;
      Second, its refrigeration efficiency is 10 times higher than that of
those on the present market;
      Third, the temperature in the cryocooler can reach -30℃to
-80℃within 5-20 minutes.
      4.Natural Green Valley Air-Conditioner
      The air-conditioner, a single-unit standing cabinet, is different
from either the double-sided window air-conditioner or detachable
air-conditioner. Its features are as follows:
      First, it does not use freon. All its technical and economic indexes
are up to those of developed countries and are suitable for  the common use
in developing countries;
      Second, it needs much less electrical power. A single machine needs
only 200w-400w;
      Third, it is equipped with a built-in storage device which can keep
the machine working during a power cut;
      Fourth, Compared to other air-conditioners with the same  power, the
cooling speed of the new product can be 8-12 times faster; compared to
another single machine of any other type this new product can cool the same
space 2-4 times faster;
     Fifth, its net amount of actual cold supply and cold production can be
much greater than the advertised theoretical refrigeration quantity of
present products;
      Sixth, it does not produce noise either inside or outside of the
room. The only slight sound that can be heard comes from the inertial wind
     5. Natural Green Valley Air-Conditioner-Refrigerator
      This product combines the functions of a refrigerator, cold storage,
freezer and air-conditioner for cold supply and heat supply. Its features
      First, the money can buy one machine to work for the former two
      Second, the refrigeration speed of this product is even faster than
that of the Natural Green Valley Quick Freezer;
      Third, it can be used all year round, while a conventional
air-conditioner has to lie idle for half a year. In constant operation it
is easy for maintenance;
      Fourth, it saves space in the room.
      In addition to those products mentioned above, there is a central
air-conditioning system of the Natural Green Valley Technology. Compared
with other kinds of samilar products of samilar cost, the new product can
reduce operation expenses by one third.

IV. A New Power for the Coming Century

      The first-generation products of the Natural Green Valley
Refrigeration Technology are multi-fold energy saving ones. The
second-generation products will not use electricity as their power. The
third-generation products will not consume but can instead generate
electricity, i.e. they will become a new source of energy during the
process of refrigeration. The Natural Green Valley Refrigeration Technology
will turn out a brand new, harmless and clean source of energy with mutiple
functions and of low cost .
      People who think strictly according to the rational logic will put
two grave questions to the inventor:
      First, how can the phenomenon of Mother Nature -- "The quantity of
heat can become less and less, and the quantity of cold can become more and
more" -- be moved from Heaven to Earth? How can it be moved from the big
environment of the earth to a small environment that can be controlled by
      Second, since the quantity of cold can be naturally increased how a
new, clean source of energy be produced to serve mankind?
      Let the inventor answer the first question first.
      The phenomenon that the quantity of heat can become less and less,
that it may be consumed and disappear, has long existed in the human world.
It has been proved universally in the past 100 years or so by the
experience of thermal industrial production. People do not see it only
because their thinking is restricted by serious prejudice and their
observation is manipulated by established concepts.
      Take thermal power generation as an example. The boiler absorbs huge
amount of heat through the process of chemical reaction of the burning of
mineral fuels and converts liquid into steam, causing the increase of 
volume to turn the turbogerator. The high-temperature, high-pressure steam
becomes low-temperature, low-pressure steam through the turbogerator. A
great amount of heat thus has disappeared.
      Some people may say, that is not so. It is not that heat disappears;
it is the transformation of energy, the heat energy has been converted into
mechanical energy, the electrical energy.
      Here the inventor wants to ask a question in reply: if the
turbogerator does not produce electricity during its operation (This is not
an unusual phenomenon due to lay-off, breaking or breakdown.) will not the
high-temperature, high-pressure steam become low-temperature, low-pressure
steam through the turbogerator? Will not the quantity of heat be reduced?
Will not it disappear?
     Another ironclad fact is that during the process of electricity
generation in many thermal power plants the heat put to run the generators
is much larger than the combined amount of the quantity of electricity
produced and the leftover heat after power generation. A large amount of
heat thus disappeared.
      Another thing to prove the disappearance of heat is the Thomson's
throttle effect. According to Thomson, any working substance in the state
of high pressure, no mater it is in gas form or liquid form, will be in a
state of lower pressure after it has gone through throttling back. Its
temperature will be much lower. A great deal of heat it has brought with
will have disappeared. The disappeared amount of heat has not been
transformed into other forms of energy. This theory is commonly applied in
scientific research and production.
      In daily life the disappearance of heat can be seen widely.
High-efficiency refrigeration technologies can be obtained through research
on this phenomenon.
      The reduction and disappearance of heat is the increase and
generation of cold. When a doctor puts some alcohol or ether on your skin,
you feel cool where the alcohol or ether evaporates.
     The quantity of cold can be increased and generated naturally. This is
the natural law for the refrigeration technology without the use of
    Man can master this new technology. Even if some electricity is still
needed, the quantity of cold it produces will be hundreds, thousands of
times larger than the old refrigeration technology can produce. After man
has mastered the technology to obtain as much cold as he wishes he will be
able then to obtain a new energy resource for practical use.
      The inventor named this energy resource the "cryogenic energy". 
      How is such an energy produced?
      Where do energy resources that can be used by man as power come from?
This question has been seemly understood by man for a long time. But as we
think about it more carefully it is in fact not very clear to many people.
      When we talk about resources of energy, we immediately think of heat,
and equalize heat with energy. The fact is not so. Any heat engine cannot
produce power only by using heat. The philosophy of the East holds that the
dao (which can be understood in a general way as the universe) is made of
two halfs: one is yang (positive), the other is yin (negative). Practice
has also proved that power can be produced only by the combination of heat
(yang) and cold (yin). The difference in temperature is the source of
      Semi-conductor power generation is a direct way of power generation
using the difference in temperature; wind power is produced by the
difference in temperature between the south and north of the earth; water
power is generated by water of rain brought forth by the vertical
difference in temperature in the sky; and thermal power generation uses the
difference in temperature between the high temperature produced by burning
mineral fuels and the normal atmospheric temperature. Any heat engine
cannot produce power no matter how much heat or how high the temperature it
uses without cold provided by the normal atmospheric temperature. 
      There is a difference between a high temperature and the normal
atmospheric temperature; there is also a difference between a lower
temperature and the normal atmospheric temperature. Both differences can
produce power. The difference is that electricity produced by using the
difference in temperature between a high temperature and the normal
atmospheric temperature through heat consumption or disappearance requires
constant supply of new heat. This kind of power is a compensable source of
energy. It not only wastes human labor but also produces environmental
pollution. However, the situation will be entirely different if we use the
difference between a low temperature and the normal atmospheric
      We have only heard of heat consumption and heat death, but no one has
heard of cold consumption and cold death. This tells us that under any
circumstances cold will never disappear. It can be used repeatedly and the
more it is used the more it will become.
      The normal atmospheric temperature cannot be artificially changed.
Can we raise or lower one degree of the temperature of the Pacific? There
is the boundless, cheap and harmless source of heat in the normal
atmospheric temperature, and the cold source in low temperature is
inexhautible and the more it is used the more it will be. Therefore we can
obtain a new energy resource, i.e. the cleanest, cheapest and most harmless
energy of low temperature.
    The only by-product of the cryogenic energy is the production of cold
during the process of electricity generation. There is only heat pollution
in the world today. There is no cold pollution. People are mostly worried
about the rising of temperature on the earth. It would cause ice melting on
the Antarctica and the rising sea water would flood the land. It would be
most welcome if the atmospheric temperature would lower due to the
development of the cryogenic energy on a large scale.
     Therefore, the cryogenic energy is a worth source of power for the
coming century, the cleanest energy source.
     Energy is the foundation of production and life of mankind, the
protector of modern civilization and its development.
      All aspects of modern civilization will change because of the
emergence of this new source of energy. The world economic order and
industrial structure will be the first to be affected. A revolution is
coming in the world.

V. New Morals and a New Order
      Those who harbor evil intentions will bring harm to others. The more
capable they are, the more harm they will do. The consequence would be
unthinkable if Hitler or Japanese fascists had produced the atom bomb
      The Chinese have this saying: Those with good morals should be more
appreciated than those with good skills.
      The Natural Green Valley Refrigeration Technology is the wealth of
mankind. Only people of good morals and highly respected should be selected
to lead the peaceful utilization of this technology.
      Then how to define the highest standard of morals?
     The inventor believes, the highest standard of man's conscience and
social ethics is a global consciousness, a consciousness to create
happiness for the whole mankind through unremitting work. (It is not only
to create happiness for a part of mankind, or for the people of present
time. It is to create happiness for mankind including generations to come.)
     Chinese eat with chopsticks, and Westerners eat with forks and spoons.
The way to eat is different, so is their taste. But a real delicious dish
is loved by all.
     There are great differences among different countries and
nationalities. But all the countries and nationalities in the world love
     Belligerent countries hate and kill each other. But no one hates
members of the Red Cross who save the wounded by risking their own lives.
     The Sage says: What is good, I treat with goodness; what is not good,
I also treat with goodness. Thus I obtain goodness. Those who are of faith,
I put faith in; those who are of no faith, I also put faith in. Thus I
obtain faith. (a quotation from Lao Zi)
Time has come for the pioneers of mankind to practice the highest morals in
For many years many futurists have been exploring a new order for the 21st
century. Who would have expected there would be an industrial revolution
triggered by an energy revolution? What will the world be like after this
great revolution? And what plans should we make for the coming century?
The inventor holds that it is impossible for us to have an ideal plan and
we should not try to make such a plan. Many plans have been made by great
men and women in history. Which one has been practically and truthfully
carried out? Which one has basically become reality?
The progress of human civilization has been a natural process. It has not
been manipulated by man. This is what a Chinese saying means: man is never
better than Heaven in planning the future. Man is the greatest among the
living things, the proud son of Heaven. He has been blessed by the love and
benevolence of Nature.
Does this mean that man is unable to do anything except at the bidding of
Heaven? No. Heaven listens what man says; Heaven sees what the man wishes
Him to see. When one has good intentions he will be protected by Heaven;
when one has a will to do something Heaven will help him to obtain it.
People should strive to do what they should do on the basis of good
conscience and solid ability. This means: "It all depends on human effort."
Then what we should do now we are having an industrial revolution and
looking for a more rational social order that will serve peace and progress
The inventor puts forth the following proposals after careful thinking:
First, good things in the world need joint effort of good people.
The inventor hopes all those who love science and peace and are concerned
with the future of mankind recommend virtuous and capable people with no
political and religious partialities and willing to devote themselves to
the public welfare to become the nucleus of this great cause.
Various crises threatening and endangering human existence and sustainable
development in the world have awakened people for self salvation and for
the salvation of the global environment. Non-government organizations that
take the task as their own responsibility have emerged in the world as
mushrooms after rain. The International Greenpeace Organization is the most
outstanding representative.
The inventor sincerely hopes these organizations will join together to
participate in and support the peaceful use of the Natural Green Valley
Refrigeration Technology. Their help is urgently needed.
All those with a good conscience to protect the earth join together!
Let us awaken a collective consciousness of mankind with our united
Second, to accumulate a large sum of money by applying the intellectual
property rights of this industrial technology in order to realize the
collective consciousness of mankind.
The inventor will contribute all the intellectual property rights in their
hundreds for the first, second and third generation products to the cause
of peace and progress in the world.
He also has a plan to organize specialists from major industrial fields all
over the world to promote this cryogenic source of energy in other fields
and develop new production technologies and techniques. They are hoped in
turn to contribute their intellectuaogy in order to realize the collective
consciousness of mankind.
The inventor will contribute all the intellectual property rights in their
hundreds for the first, second and third generation products to the cause
of peace and progress in the world.
He also has a plan to organize specialists from major industrial fields all
over the world to promote this cryogenic source of energy in other fields
and develop new production technologies and techniques. They are hoped in
turn to contribute their intellectuact valuable comments. He intends to
bring together more than one hundred Nobel-like inventors, scientists and
industrialists, and by this way to ensure that the public welfare fund will
never be short of money.
Let us give the collective will of mankind a solid material foundation. Let
us mobilize mankind for self salvation and the salvation of the natural
environment by means of purchasing labor value with money and by power of
Third, to establish a new social order by stabilizing the existing social
The establishment of a new social order for the 21st century can never
adopt the way of "building up a new world by smashing an old world." To the
contrary we should try our best to stabilize the present social order
(including the present political and ecnomic orders), to try our best to
protect the achievements of the civilization of mankind. We are confronted
by various possible crises that threaten to bring collapse of world
economic order. It is even more arduous and important for us to stabilize
the present social order. This is not only in the interests of developed
countries but also in the interests of the people of developing countries.
The present order has many unfair and irrational aspects. But they are only
a historical result of low productivity. When the capability of peaceful
production can rise rapidly conflicts and disputes over material interests
will no more exist.
Only when we can stabilize the present social order, to protect present
achievements of civilization can a new social order that can raise the
capability of peaceful production rapidly be born during the industrial
revolution at the turn of this century.
The main means of protection and stabilization is but an economic means.
Peaceful use of the Natural Green Valley Refrigeration Technology shall be
a cause trusted by people from all walks of life in the world, a guard of
the huge amount of wealth for the mankind public welfare fund. Those who
work for it shall abide by and respect the laws and regulations of all the
countries, do not participate in commercial competition for profit, shall
actively help people avoid direct conflicts in the industrial revolution,
and reduce losses as much as possible.
Fourth, to protect national culture by way of transcending the
consciousness of country and nationality.
Culture possesses an extensive meaning. The final establishment of a new
order for the coming century is in essence a fundamental change in culture.
The human society has evolved from a territorial war to a market war. The
next war might be one of culture.
The main force of the cause of mankind peace and progress should first free
itself from the narrow consciousness of country and nationality and then do
its best to help the whole world protect the culture of every nation.
It can be predicted that no one of present national culture will become a
new culture to guide mankind of the 21st century. The new culture shall be
a highly harmoneous unification of the beauty of Nature and that of human
civilization. If we insist to give this culture a name it should be called
"Natural Culture".
The Natural Culture shall nurture a new kind of man of entirely new
quality. All the existing cultures shall become invaluable cultural relics.
Do we have any reason, then, to smash an antique with another antique?
Fifth, to come out of a life of ease and look for an eternal power for
mankind progress.
"Those who worry survive; those who lead an easy life die." The biggest
weakness of man is the lack of self consciousness to strive. It is very
easy for him to indulge himself in an easy life and become lazy.
We may say that during the process of mankind civilization there would have
been no high technologies without wars and natural calamities; there would
have been no science of medicine without plagues; there would have been no
the social distribution principle: "He who does not work, neither shall he
eat", and there would have been no so many production workers without
In the 21st century mankind shall own unlimited capability of production
and extremely abundant material wealth. Then can the life tree of mankind
civilization be retained green? What kind of force shall we rely on to push
human society forward?
The pioneers of mankind civilization should look for a new motive force for
the world to keep advancing.
Love between sexes is an eternal topic of human society.
By strengthening women's power, sanctifying the love between sexes,
especially by putting priority on raising the quality of female population,
we may be able to find an eternal motive force for social progress.
Man came out of forests without clothes and has become what he looks like
today through numerous changes. What has he replied on? One thing is the
inspiration of Nature, the other is the light of reason.
The light of reason has broken the darkness of ignorance and superstition.
Mother Nature, an encyclopaedia, has taught us how to leave the Hell and go
to the Paradise.
Retreat is no way out. Hesitation is no way out. We must continue to go
straight forward.
      We must go from the realm of necessity to the realm of freedom.

      Written by Yi Yuanming