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Info Request for Resource Notebook

Dear Readers:

The North Central Sustainable Agriculture Training Program is cosponsoring
the 1997 train-the-trainer workshops with state teams in Ohio, Kansas, and
Minnesota.  The theme is Linking People, Purpose, and Place: An Ecological
Approach to Agriculture. The dates and sites are Wooster, Ohio, June 18-20;
Manhattan, Kansas, July 9-11; and Morris, Minnesota, July 28-30.

Goals include illustrating that agriculture is based on the manipulation of
ecosystems, exploring economic and social implications of alternative
farming systems, and providing tools and methods for teaching and
demonstrating the applicaiton of ecological principles to production

We are starting to assemble materials for the resource notebook and asking
for your help.  The notebook provides practical information, contacts, and
background reading. Later, the material is condensed into a book for wider

For your information, the audience for the past two years has averaged
Extension (64%), farmers and ranchers (15%), nonprofit organizations (11%),
and federal and state agencies (10%).

Some of the topics for the workshops are:

Whole farm planning and management
Weed and Insect management
Farmland loss
Production grazing
Grassland systems
Implications of CRP on soil quality
Life after CRP
Incorporation of natural resources, such as wetlands or riparian areas, into
the farm plan
Increasing the use of perennials on the farm

Which resources on these topics do you think are great for learning?  Do you
have a fact sheet, teaching aid, or report that people read, look up, and
say, "Wow, I can use this information in my county or on my farm."  

We have always received excellent tips from sanet-mg and saed-share and look
forward to your good advice.  If you want more information on the workshops,
contact Heidi Carter at csas007@unlvm.unl.edu or phone 402-472-0917. 

Thank you, Heidi Carter, Education Coordinator

Heidi Carter					E-Mail:  csas007@unlvm.unl.edu
Education Coordinator				Phone:   402-472-0917
Center for Sustainable Agricultural Systems
University of Nebraska-Lincoln