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PANUPS: Resource Pointer #120

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Resource Pointer #120

April 2, 1997

For copies of the following resources, please contact 
the appropriate publishers or organizations directly.


*Alternatives to Methyl Bromide, Volume Two: Ten Case 
Studies -- Soil, Commodity and Structural Use, 1996.* 
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Office of Air 
and Radiation. Describes materials and methods used as 
alternatives to methyl bromide for certain soil, 
commodity and structural uses. Discusses range of 
chemical and non-chemical alternative strategies, 
including soil solarization, organic production, IPM, 
use of nematode resistant cultivars, heat treatments, 
irradiation and sulfuryl fluoride. 62 pp. No charge. 
Ozone Protection Hotline; phone toll free (800) 296-1996 
or (301) 614-3390 or contact Methyl Bromide Program, 
EPA, 6205J, 401 M Street, SW, Washington, DC 20460; 

*The IPM Practitioner, March 1997.* BioIntegral Resource 
Center (BIRC). Monthly journal about integrated pest 
management (IPM) includes research updates, book reviews 
and listings of IPM resources. March 1997 issue focuses 
on alternatives to methyl bromide in forest nurseries. 
Discusses range of alternative practices including 
container seedling production, organic amendments, 
suppressive mulches and biological control. Provides 
examples of successful forest nursery production without 
methyl bromide and includes contact information for 
alternative technology resources. Subscription costs: 
institutions/libraries/businesses -- US$60; individuals 
-- US$35; Canadian subscribers -- add US$10; other 
foreign subscribers -- add US$20. BIRC, P.O. Box 7414, 
Berkeley, CA 94704; phone (510) 524-2567; fax (510) 524-
1758; email birc@igc.org.

*Methyl Bromide Replacement Strategies, 1996.* Arizona 
Department of Environmental Quality. Provides overview 
of methyl bromide use and regulations, focusing on 
issues related to Arizona and Sonora, Mexico, including 
quarantine, industrial, structural and turf uses of the 
fumigant. Reviews alternatives and discusses national 
and international laws related to methyl bromide. 
Approx. 60 pp. Limited copies available free. John 
Hathaway, Arizona Department of Environmental Quality, 
3033 N. Central Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85012; phone (602) 
207-4219; fax (602) 207-4528.

*How to Obtain Information from EPA's Office of 
Pesticide Programs (OPP), 1996.* U.S. Environmental 
Protection Agency (EPA). Describes types of information 
available from OPP and tells how to obtain documents 
from EPA, phone hot lines, the internet and by Freedom 
of Information Act requests. Includes names and phone 
numbers of key management personnel at OPP. 39 pp. No 
charge. Communications Branch, FOD, Office of Pesticide 
Programs (7506C), U.S. EPA, 401 M Street, SW, 
Washington, DC 20460; phone (703) 305-5017; fax (703) 

*EPA Office of Pesticide Programs Annual Report for 
1996.* U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Office 
of Pesticide Programs (OPP). Gives overview of OPP's 
activities in 1996, including its role in passage of the 
Food Quality Protection Act. Describes OPP's new 
antimicrobial division, ongoing assessment of endocrine 
disruptors and expansion of online resources. Discusses 
pesticide registration process and lists new pesticide 
active ingredients registered in 1996. 45 pp. No charge. 
Communications Branch (see above).

We encourage those interested in having resources listed 
in the Online Resource Pointer to send review copies of 
publications, videos or other sources to our office 
(address listed below) or to contact Information Program 
Associate Adam Kirshner for further information.  

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