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FW: No till farming manuals/texts

A recent book that might be of interest:

No-tillage Seeding: Science and Practice
by C J Baker, K E Saxton and W R Ritchie
International No-tillage Research and Engineering, New Zealand, and
US Department of Agriculture, Washington State University

Published August 1996 272 pages HB
ISBN 0-85199-103-3
Price GBPounds49.95 (US$ 90.00)
Published by CAB International

From: almanac-request
To: sanet-mg
Subject: No till farming manuals/texts
Date: 08 April 1997 17:12

Hello, fellow agronomists,

I've seen mention of Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia, as a center
for no-till farming research.  I would like to have e-mail addresses of
individuals researching/developing no-till farming systems and
implements and/or recommendations of specific texts or manuals.

Thanks for any help you can give me.  Buck Richards