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Need refs from The Dairy Debate

I am writing to see if anyone on this list can provide me with 
the PAGE NUMBERS of the following CHAPTERS in the book The Dairy 
Debate, W. Liebhart, ed. from UC Davis (1993).

1. "Is BST Sustainable" by Gail Feenstra.

2. "Potential ecological and environmental effects of pasture and 
	BGH technology" by E.B. Rayburn

All I need are the page numbers. I forgot to write them when I 
signed out the books from the library, and now the book is 
signed out by another. This is all I need to complete my Master's 
Please, anyone who owns this book or can find out the page 
numbers, can you please help me out? I would be extremely grateful
Thanks in adavnce
Emailing me with the info would be best; if not, call.
David Conner
Center for Rural Studies
207 Morrill Hall, UVM
Burlington, VT 05405
(802) 656-3021
FAX: (802) 656-0776