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weed control

     I have had one of the county specialist contact me for information and 
     was hoping this group may be able to help me with an answer.  Below is 
     the specific request from the specialist:
     "Weed control by balanced soil nutrients is a request by a producer 
     interested in a sustainable agriculture approach to weed control.  He 
     feels that braodleaf weeds and grasses will thrive on soils that are 
     lacking nutrients in the correct amount and proportions.  In my 
     opinion, this concept may or may not be the direction to reduced grass 
     and broadleaf weeds in our crops.  Also, I am at a loss in finding 
     demonstrations that would support the idea.  Your assistance with 
     literature about this topic will be appreciated."
     If anyone has any comments I can pass along, I would appreciate it.
     Debi Kelly, Project Manager
     Missouri Alternatives Center
     628 Clark Hall
     Columbia, MO 65211