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Re: soil erosion/no till

Steve Groff wrote: <snip>
 With the
>use of cover crops and crop rotation, commercial fertilizer and
>pesticides can be SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCED by using no-tillage . This has 
>great appeal where
>cash for imputs is scarce and for those of us who want to make a decent
>living while working with nature as it does its part in helping to
>produce a healthy food product. It's time we as sustainable advocates 
>stop turning our backs to soil erosion!

>Ray R. Weil wrote: <snip>
 Doing this completely without
herbicides is a tremendous challenge, one that  our research has only
partially accomplished. Until that goal is realized, I truely believe that
the trade-off between the possible ecosystem disruption of careful herbicide
use and the certain, major  disruption of tillage is positive one. Ask any

Hello all, 

I'm curious about how/why you would grow a 
cover crop in a no tillage system? Are you 
talking about land at extreme risk of water
erosion in the non-cropping season?

I agree that soil erosion is one of the pervasive
and and permanent treats to sustainability.  

Are there any large scale no-till cropping 
systems that minimise herbicide use? Or are
you talking about using a "little" less
than conventional systems? 

Jim Wright 

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