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>Has anyone out there had success with any other organic methods of eliminating
>perennial weeds?  How about the use of cover crops to crowd out perennial weeds
>over a 2-3 year period?
>Thanks for your feedback in advance.
>Chris Geering

Hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) is extremely effective in suppressing both annual 
and perennial weeds, because of its very rapid canopy establishment, high 
proportion of light interception by an established canopy (99%) and because 
of its continued growth in height, reaching 3 m and more. There is much 
interest among organic farmers in Europe to include hemp in their rotation. 
A nice illustration of the potential of hemp to suppress a perennial weed is 
given in: 
Lotz L A P, R M W Groeneveld, B Habekotté and H van Oene, 1991. Reduction of 
growth and reproduction of Cyperus esculentus by specific crops. Weed 
Research 31: 153-160.

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