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Employment opporunity

New Haven Ecology Project (NHEP)

        The NHEP, a non-profit environmental education organization based on an
urban farm, has received one of Connecticut's first charters to open the Common
Ground High School this coming fall. Founded in 1990, our mission is to develop
educational programs for urban children that promote scientific knowledge and
critical thinking skills through study of the local environment, ecology and
food production, and the application of these skills to address complex
environmental and social problems.  In addition the project will continue to
offer educational programs to students of all ages and community groups on the
Springside Farm, now under rapid development. 
       The Ecology Project seeks to hire a director to oversee current and
future grants, programs, financial management and the development of the site
and facilities now under construction. We seek an energetic and creative person
who enjoys the challenges of an urban farm, a growing organization and daily
interactions with students and community members. We are looking for a person
who is comfortable in both the chicken yard and foundation offices. We are
looking for a team player with leadership skills, a collaborator who is
       Qualifications: Relevant and proven experience in fundraising, financial
administration, program development and coordination. Experience in non-profits,
in education, with municipalities, in working with urban youth and communities,
diplomacy and patience would be useful. Practical skills in areas such as
outdoor education, gardening, carpentry, the arts, etc. are an advantage.
       Compensation: $30,000 range with an additional 25% for benefit package
negotiable. One month vacation plus national holidays.
       To apply, send a letter of interest and a resume to NHEP, P.O. Box 2969,
New Haven, CT 06515. For more information, call (203)946-8017.