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sanet-mg Usage

Following is a periodic notice regarding the use of the sanet-mg
mailing group.  Please review this important information regarding
the proper use of the mailing group.

To unsubscribe from sanet-mg, send the following command to

	unsubscribe sanet-mg

Almanac is the NC Cooperative Extension Service's information server.
It handles all mailing groups.  Almanac commands *should not*
be sent to the mailing group.  Doing so sends the command to
everyone who is subscribed to the mailing group.

If you wish to subscribe a colleague to sanet-mg, send the
following commands to almanac@ces.ncsu.edu:

	set address colleagues_full_email_address
	subscribe sanet-mg

Almanac also keeps an archive of the articles that have been
posted to sanet-mg.  To receive a catalog of archived articles,
send the following command to almanac@ces.ncsu.edu:

	send sanet-mg catalog

sanet-mg is a "forum" mailing group; to submit an article, simply
send your message to sanet-mg@ces.ncsu.edu.

If you have general questions about the mailing groups or
Almanac, mail to almanac-help@ces.ncsu.edu.