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Jaenicke Report re Pesticide Benefits

        The Henry A. Wallace Institute for Alternative Agriculture has just
released a very well done, short report by Ed Jaenicke entitled "The Myths
and Realities of Pesticide Reduction: A Reader's Guide to Understanding the
Full Economic Impacts" (Policy Study # 8, May, 1997; phone 301-441-8777 for
a copy, cost $6.00).   

        I was able to read the whole report in one stairmaster session -- so
the length should not discourage anyone.  It does a fine job in placing into
perspective what most past studies of pesticide "benefits" actually measure.
It also describes the desirable ingredients of pesticide benefits studies
that more fully take into account the dynamic, adaptive inclinations of
American agriculture.  Necessity remains the Mother of Invention. I did a
short review, highlighting the linkages and relevance to the Food Quality
Protection Act, accessible at <http://www.pmac.net/jaenrev.htm>


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