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European Caution

Hi All,

I like to offer my perception that Europeans exhibit a
high level social consciousness and awareness. In my 
opinion their systems of government (by Americans deemed
to be guided by "socialism") are a reflection that. 

Many farms on the European Continent engage in socalled
"Agritourism" e.g. lodgings for extended periods of time.
Europe as compared with the U.S.A is densely populated and
their farms are highly visible along the highways and the byways.
As a consequence they are much more aware of the relation between 
the land, crops and their food supply. I doubt that any European
would have the impression that food somehow comes from the
supermarket only.

Many of their broadcast media are subsidized by members
and/or governments and therefore not beholden to Eurodollars
from commercial interest.

In certain quarters anything coming from America is viewed
with cynical skepticism, which among other things includes
messing around with plant species along with Hollywood culture.

We had some European visitors last week and my impression is
that they have much more leisure time (4 1/2 day work week,
5 weeks vacation in industry after 20 years of service at U.S.A.
owned companies). They seem to be secure from the cradle to the
grave, therefore they are able to indulge in focusing on
philosophical issues rather than being preoccupied with health
insurance and making a living.
Did I forget to mention other factors?

My 2 cents worth. 


George Vanderwoude
Hazy Dawn Farm
Lisle, NY 13797

e-mail: gvdw@ix.netcom.com

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