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List your group at SFC website


Special thanks to all the saneters who sent congratulations and best wishes
our way after we announced our new website, Sustainable Farming Connection.

I've started building an area at the site that lists local groups (as well
as regional and national ones) that our new users can contact for more
information.  If you'd like to be listed, please see the directions at:


Or let me know and I'll email the directions to you personally.

Other new additions include a page of Pastured Poultry Resources with
pictures, links and other listings; the latest edition of Alternative
Agriculture News from the Wallace Institute; and "Hot Links to WeedCast
software, spring grazing advice and Hightower Radio.  Find these from our
homepage (URL) below.

Thanks again for your support.

Craig Cramer

Sustainable Farming Connection
"Where farmers find and share information"

"The water will never clear up 'til you get the hogs out of the creek."
--Jim Hightower