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Re: info

Have you tried a search of the abstracting source called: Agriculture and
Environment for Developing Regions (formerly Abstracts on Tropical
Agriculture)? The electronic format is called TROPAG.  There are a large
number of references about agricultural development in India including
those that are fully or partially funded by NGO's.

Also try AGRIS (the database of the Food and Agriculture Organization)

Ask your librarian at University of Guelph to introduce you to these

Irwin Weintraub
Head, Chang Science Library 
Rutgers University
New Brunswick, NJ

At 03:17 PM 5/13/97 -0400, Zainab A Moghal wrote:
>Dear Sanet,
>Does any one have any information regarding funding for agricultural
>projects in India with non-governmental organizations.  My partner and I
>have already contacted some NGOs in India who are interested in our
>skills, yet we need various sources to fund our trip in the Winter of
>I would appreciate any suggestions,
>Zainab Moghal
>University of Guelph, Canada