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Re: [Fwd: Re: [Fwd: Re: Famous People]]

Rich M. wrote:
>> My goodness, why should anyone care about famous people who eat organic?
>> It certainly is an ostensibly  shallow step on a long row to hoe.  If
>> Howard Stern prefers organic, I think we should all follow suit.
>Why knock it?  Everybody has roles models.  The concept is valid, even
>if not everyone needs it. A little solidarity never hurt anybody, and
>most everyone watches TV.  The guy asked for help, so why not give it if
>possible.  There's certainly no harm in it it.  Patricia Dines comments
>on this matter were constructive and set a good example to follow.  Nuff
>Douglas M. Hinds

    I think the decision to eat organic food 
should be based on whether it is the right
thing to do, not whether kdlang, or Khadaffy
do it. What would you suggest,  comparing the
list of good famous people with the list of
bad famous people who are doing it before
we make a decision? ;-)
    People who are motivated to eat organically
by the example of some trendsetter will certainly
be off the bandwagon, following the next 
trendsetter, next month.  
   I think there *is* harm in it, as it encourages
the unfortunate practise of people letting 
other people make decisions for them, through
the cult of personality. 
   (Not so much harm, tho, that I am willing to 
get up in arms about it) ;-)


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