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[Fwd: Sign on letter - Shell Nigeria & Peru]

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Hey everybody,

The following letter was released last week in London.  We are now trying to
add as many possible signatories as we can to this to keep the pressure up.

One of the most inspiring things at the AGM last week was to have the
Peruvians and the Nigerians pledging their mutual support for each other.
Shell was caught completely off guard on Peru and is clearly unnerved by
this kind of international networking.

Information on both Shell in Nigeria and Peru is contained in the newly
released "Independent Annual Report" compiled by Project Underground and
Rainforest Action Network.  Its available from either of those organizations
for $9.

Please reply to this message to sign your group on, and circulate this
letter far and wide.




This letter is to express our concern with Shell's exploration and
development operations in Peru and Nigeria. We believe that Shell's current
activities and future plans for hydrocarbon exploration and development in
Peru present an unacceptable risk to the Amazonian environment and
indigenous peoples.  It is also our conviction that Shell's operations in
Nigeria reflect a pattern and practice of disregard for human rights,
environmental conservation, and sustainable development.  While we
understand that Shell Prospecting and Development (Peru) is in your view
separate from the Shell Petroleum Development Corporation (Nigeria), we feel
that it is the credibility of  the Royal Dutch / Shell Group of Companies
internationally that is the issue.  In short, we expect Shell International
to hold itself to one global standard.

In light of this we call on Shell to immediately:

1. Use the tremendous influence that Shell has in Nigeria to free the Ogoni
19 - who are still awaiting trial on the same false charges for which Ken
Saro-Wiwa and others were executed.  This action would go a long way towards
proving Shell's stated commitment to human rights.
2. Cancel current plans to drill two appraisal wells in the Peruvian State
Reserve for the Native Nomadic Kugapakori and Nahua Populations.
3. Cease efforts to resume operations in Ogoni, Nigeria until and unless
Ogoni is demilitarized and MOSOP (Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni
People) gives its consent.
4. Suspend Peruvian operations until local communities have received
complete information regarding their rights and the negative impacts of oil
and gas projects.

We trust that you as shareholders of Shell appreciate the seriousness of our
concerns and our collective commitment to ensure the rights of peoples, the
long term health of the environment, and corporate accountability.  Your
response to these concerns will play an important role in our efforts to
keep the public informed about Shell's global operations.


Accion Ecologica, Asociacion Interetnica de Desarollo de la Selva Peruana -
AIDESEP, Asociacion Pro-Derechos Humanos - APRODEH, CEDAL, Center for
Economic and Social Rights, Civil Liberties Organisation - CLO, Coalition
Against BP in Columbia, Committee to Protect Vital Environmental Resources -
COVER, Corporate Watch / UK, Corporate Watch / US, Cultural Survival /
Canada, Delta, Environmental Rights Action, Essential Action, Friends of the
Earth / US, Friends of the Earth / Netherlands, Green Party UK, Hull on
Earth, Ikwerre Youth Convention, Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni
People - MOSOP, Movement for Reparation to Ogbia - MORETO, Niger Delta Human
and Environmental Rescue Organisation - ND-HERO, OilWatch International,
Offshore Industry Liaison Committee, Ogoni Freedom Campaign, Organisation of
Nigerians in the Americas - ONA, Platform, Project Underground, Racimos de
Ungurahui, Rainforest Action Network - RAN, Rainforest Foundation
International, Sierra Club, South and Meso American Indian Rights Center -
SAIIC, The Body Shop, Transnational Resource Action Center, Watch the Niger
Delta - WAND, Women in Nigeria - WIN

Steve Kretzmann
project underground

510-705-8982 - office
510-705-8983 - fax

project underground
Exposing corporate environmental & human rights abuses
Supporting communities facing the mining and oil industries

1847 Berkeley Way
Berkeley, CA, 94703

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