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Get rid of pesticide residues on fruits and vegetables?

Would those of you who respond, please do so through the sanet, there are
probably several of us who would like the answers to those questions.  Thanks. 

Hi, we're new to sanet and sustainable ag, but pretty sure this is a good
place to post this question.

For people who either can not obtain, or perhaps not afford "certified
organic" produce, what is the best way to remove pesticide residues, and
why?  We've heard any of the following three options, but no explanation of
the presumed mechanism of action of any of them, and no comments on what
happens to water-soluble vitamins etc. with various soaking times.  Is
there a consensus (in this group!?) on the best compromise between nutrient
loss and residue removal, if compromises have to be made?

1. Tablespoon of household bleach per gallon of soaking water.  How long to
2.Tablespoon of vinegar per gallon water, how long?
3. Wash thoroughly with dishwashing detergent.

Also, what's the best solvent for that nasty wax. Moderate scrubbing
doesn't do it.

Thanks in advance for any guidance you can give here.


Gayle Gross de Nunez 
and Ramon Nunez
Sabbath Farm, Knox, Indiana

Karen Mundy
Rural Economic Analysis Program
Dept. of Ag. and Applied Econ
Va. Tech
Blacksburg, VA 24061-0401
(540) 231-9443