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Famous People-The list

Dear Saneters,

  I want to thank all of you who responded and especially that gentleman who
flamed me and started this very interesting dialog.  I feel it is only fair
to reveal what my purpose is for compiling this list.
  I help plan a very large sustainable farming conference that happens
annually in Pacific Grove, California called the Ecofarm Conference.  During
a planning meeting we were trying to think of a celebrity speaker to mix
among the more conventional speakers.  We feel farmers enjoy and respect the
endorsment of famous people.  It is a sign to some of us that we are going
mainstream after all of these years.  It is also a sign to the public that
organic food is not only safe for us and the environment it's also "cool".
  Celebrity endorsment has sold many products and that is a farmers goal.
 Selling organic is also the goal of many of you wonderful non-profits out
there saving the world.  Celebrity endorsement can also attract the press and
we the committee for the Ecofarm Conference want to see news of our
conference and sustainable agriculture in the local media.  As a bonus there
is entertainment value.
  OK enough jabbering.  Thanks again, it is truelly a pleasure to hang with
you folks.
Here is the list of alleged organic eaters,               Regards,  Thomas

Danny Glover
Linda Ronstat
Alice Walker
Carlos Santana
Johnnie Otis (has organic apple juice biz)
Annie Lamott
Paul Newman, Newman's Own
Barbara Streisand
Robin Williams
Greg Almond
Bob Weir
Phil Lessh
Grace Slick
Neil Young
Elisabet Santouris, Gaia
Harrison Ford
Renee Russo 
Tracy Chapman
Bluefeather Rising
Pete Seeger
James Galway
Woody Harrelson 
Francis Ford Coppola's ogranic vinyard
Paul and Linda McCartney