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Letter from Germany

	Technische Universität München / Weihenstephan					
	Lehrstuhl für Gemüsebau  85350 Weihenstephan	
Vorstand: 	PROF. DR. W. H. Schnitzler 
Telefon: 	Germany-08161-713433, Fax: 08161-713433
E-Mail:	 	veginst9@pollux.edv.agrar.tu-muenchen.de	
My name:	Dipl. -Ing. Konrad Tremmel

To CAROL, whoever she is!

Dear Carol (sorry, I don't know your second name),

Last week I picked up your correspondence with Libby Goldstein while
searching some informations about flea beetles in the INTERNET. For me it
was very interesting to see that you try to repell the bugs by using
materials like woodash or lime. 

Here in Germany we have sirious problems with flea beetles, too. So we are
very interested in new methods against them. 

It would be very pleasant, if you would tell me some of your experiences
with your new methods.

		Yours,     Konrad

PS: I'm very interested in comparing later our results.