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Re: Enviro award for Processing tomatoes

>I am researching the commitment of vegetable processing companies to the
>environment.  I have read that the Processed Tomato Foundation founded in
>1989 by the California Tomato Growers Assn. and the California League of
>Food Processors has won an environmental award for the promotion of IPM.
>Does anyone out there have any information about this or know how I can
>contact any of these organisations?  Addresses or email contacts would be
>extremely helpful.

The California Department of Pesticide Regulation gave the Processed Tomato
Foundation one of our first IPM Innovator awards.  The Foundation is a
joint organization of growers and processors dealing with environmental and
food safety issues. They emphasize grower education about IPM, including
seminars and field demonstration plots. Contact: Ms. Pam Jones at (415)
598-9905, FAX (415) 598-9969.  Their address is 285 Chesham Ave. San
Carlos, California 94070.

For more information about the IPM Innovator Program, check out our Web
site at www.cdpr.ca.gov or contact David Supkoff at dsupkoff.cadpr.ca.gov.

Kathy Brunetti, Agriculture Program Supervisor
California Department of Pesticide Regulation
1020 N Street Room 161,  Sacramento, California, USA 95814-5624
voice (916) 324-4100,  FAX (916) 324-4088,  brunetti@empm.cdpr.ca.gov
Our Web site: http://www.cdpr.ca.gov