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Environment 97

Sanet Folks, 
I just got this message and thought that you might be interested.  Karen Mundy

>Date:         Thu, 29 May 1997 12:23:05 +0100>
>Sender: Ag & Applied Economics - Support staff <AAE-STAF@listserv.vt.edu>
>From: Hamilton Nashe Ltd <info@HNASHE.COM>
>Subject:      Environment 97
>X-To:         DS001-L@LISTSERV.VT.EDU
>I would like to draw your attention to Environment97, the world's first
environmental conference to take place entirely on the Internet, at:
>The conference takes a broad look at environmental issues. Papers range
from global issues (eg. Climatic change) through environmental philosophy
(Can the US be sustained?, Is sustainable development compatible with the
free market?) to toolkits and techniques (Life cycle assessment,
Environmental impact assessment).
>All of the information is free of charge, and unlike most international
environmental conferences, Environment97 will not add to the problem.
>A brief overview:
>~ 150 technical and general papers
>~ Discussion groups for each keynote paper
>~ Downloadable images of environmental bad practice
>~ Life cycle assessment comparing an internet conference with a real conference
>~ Chat bar - talk to your colleagues around the world
>We look forward to 'meeting' you at environment97
>John Duffy
>Marketing Manager - Environment97

Karen Mundy
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