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Organic Prices

Dear Sannet:

I am looking for pricing assistance for small scale vegetable growers.
This has been a perennial problem for many of our growers.  I know that
commodity pricing is available from organizations like the Organic Food and
Business News.  Do they complile this themselves, or is the information
available in some public database?

We are hoping to be able to facilitate the dissemination of this
information to our growers, either by advertising the source, group
subscription, or some other avenue.  Could someone help with a periodically
updated (weekly?) source of information on the current prices of organic,
or even conventional vegetables? It should be in an accessible and
affordable format that would enable OEFFA to make it available for a group
of 100 growers.


Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association
Sean McGovern
PO Box 82234 Columbus Ohio 43202
(ph) 614/294-3663
(fx) 614/291-3276

For Organic Certification services in Ohio, call Certification Coordinator,
Sylvia Upp at 419/853-4060