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Seed Buyers Beware, genetically engineered potato seeds in catalogs

TOPIC: Seed Buyers Beware, genetically engineered potato seeds in catalogs

For your info - P. Dines

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From: Richard Wolfson, INTERNET:rwolfson@concentric.net
To: Patricia Dines, 73652,1202
To: richard@ottawa.com
Date: Thu, Jun 5, 1997, 6:53 PM
Subject: Seed Buyers Beware

Seed Buyers Beware

In seed catalogues, seeds for genetically engineered potatoes are being
promoted as: "NewLeaf Russet Burbank, late maturing, white skinned, and the
most environmentally potato.  Plant breeders were able to breed a
resistance to the colorado potato beetle into this variety.  No need for

There is no need for chemicals because a foreign gene engineered into the
plant creates a toxin in the potato to kill insects!  When we eat the
potato, we eat the toxin too.  Long-term side-effects on humans eating
these potatoes have not been tested for, though health professionals are
concerned about possible long-term allergic, toxic, or other chronic
effects.  Environmental problems are also predicted, such as the
development of insect pests that are resistant to the toxin and force
farmers to move on to more potent chemicals.

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PD NOTE: The ag corporations have an enormous number of genetically
engineered (GE) foods "in the pipeline" - including being grown for
production and likely already in our food supply, unlabelled.  This
inclusion into the seed catalogs is likely just the first of many....