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farmers' markets - can you help?

I am in the process of deciding on a schedule for my 6 week tour of 
farmers' markets in the US on a Winston Churchill Travel Fellowship.

Many of you helped me by providing recommendations of markets to 
visit, I am now hoping that you can provide me with further 
information about some of these markets.

New Orleans, Louisiana - I gather that there is a market in an Asian 
area that features typical SE Asian products - such as live ducks!  I 
am told that the market is supplied by small-scale Asian backyard 
farmers.  Does anyone have a contact name and phone, or preferably 
fax number?

Also, Santa FE (New Mexico), Dallas (Texas) and Boulder (Colorado).  Does 
anyone know about these markets? what are their distinctive features?
who are the contact names and numbers for the markets?
 (again, preferably fax or email)

Finally, Dane County Farmers Markets -  does anyone have any contact 
names and numbers for this market?  

I hope you are able to help.



Harriet Festing, Research Associate
University of London, Wye College
Wye, Ashford, Kent TN25 5AH
Tel: 01233 812401  Fax: 01233 813498