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Genetic Engineering (GE) question

<<I am looking for info on a Dr. John Fagan, who was a researcher for the
National Institute of Health, who was doing some research on implant
brazilnut genes into soybeans to create a whole protein.  I have heard that
he is currently working on a project to test foods to determine if they are
genetically altered.  If anyone has any information on his whereabouts or
how to contact him or his reasearch materials, please e-mail me directly.>>

Hello Sean - 

I know of a Dr. John Fagan, who is molecular biologist and cancer
researcher currently working on global campaign to alert people all over
world to dangers of genetically engineered foods and organisms. Website
http://www.mum.edu/fagan. 515-472-1111. Fax  515-472-1167 or 472-5725;
email  jfagan@mum.edu.

I also know of an organization,  a small US company, Genetic ID, that
produces a test able to detect genetic alterations in crops. It has been
swamped with calls as European consumers and retailers react to the news
that genetically modified maize (Ciba-Geigy) and soybeans are now being 
harvested in the USA. Genetic ID, 515-472-9979, 500 N. 3rd,  Fairfield,
Iowa 52556.

Regarding the brazilnut genes - as I recall, there were problems with this
project, because of allergies to the nuts.  I believe that particular gene
insertion was either curtailed or discontinued.

I've included some other GE leads below, for you and other who might be

Hope this info is useful -

Patricia Dines


* Pure Food Campaign - Ronnie Cummins, 860 Highway 61, Little Marais, MN
55614; (218) 226-4164; purefood@aol.com. Working on boycott gen eng'd
* Greenpeace - 1436 U Street NW, Washington D.C. 20009. 202 462-1177.
312-563-6060. 1(800) 381-4712.
http://www.greenpeace.org/~comm/cbio/prgnov11.html.  Working on boycott gen
eng'd soybeans. > Terri Johnson, Greenpeace, Chicago; (312) 563-6060;
http://www.greenpeace.org/~usa. > James Gillies or Jon Walter at
Greenpeace International on 00 31 20 524 9547/8. 
* Consumers Union, Consumer Policy Institute, Michael Hansen, Associate
Professor, 101 Truman Ave, Yonkers, NY 10703-1057  USA. (914) 378-2452
email: hansmi@consumer.org
* Union of Concerned Scientists - opposing junk science, promoting safe
agricultural practices, eliminating pollution, controlling the spread of
nuclear weapons. Howard Ris, Exec. Director, 2 Brattle Square, Cambridge,
MA 02238-9105. 617-547-5552. Fax 617-864-9405. Email usc@ucsusa.org Website
 http://www.ucsusa.org > Biotechnology Program, Suite 310, 1616 P St., NW,
Washington DC 20036 fax (202) 332-0905, email jrissler@ucsusa.org
Dr. Margaret Mellon, Ph 202 332-0900, mmellon@ucsusa.org 
* Mothers For Natural Law, Laura Ticciati, P.O. Box 1177. Fairfield, Iowa
52556. 515-472-2809. Fax 515-472-1830. Info packets.  Another possible
number - 1-510-838-4249 leave name, address, and phone [Note: I think this
is really (515)]
* Religious Alliance for Bio-Integrity. (515) 472-5554. (800) 549-2131
http://www.bio-integrity.org. Email: Info@bio-integrity.org. Embraces all
religions.  Will coordinate a nationwide, interfaith lawsuit to enjoin the
FDA from permitting GE foods to be marketed without appropriate labels.  
Are assembling plaintiffs from across the religious spectrum and plan to
have thousands of affidavits in support of its case. 
* The Natural Law Party of the U.S.A. 515 472-2040
email  info@natural-law.org. website  http//www.natural-law.org/nlp
* Natural Law Party of Canada, 500 Wilbrod, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1N 6N2
Bureau National   Le Parti de la Loi Naturelle du Canada, Guy Harvey
Ph  613.565.8517, Fax  613.565.6546,email  natural_law@ottawa.com. 
Campaign to Ban Genetic Engineering Foods, Richard Wolfson, Ph.D., Health
Advisor to the Natural Law Party of Canada, email rwolfson@concentric.net.
Has online email list.
* Australian GeneEthics Network.  Bob Phelps, Director, c/- ACF 340 Gore
Street, Fitzroy. 3065 Australia, Tel: (03) 9416.2222 Fax: (03) 9416.0767
{Int Code (613)}, email: acfgenet@peg.apc.org, WWW:
http://www.peg.apc.org/~acfgenet  (under construction).  Has online mailing
* Poland. Green Federation (federacja zielonych), Darek Szwed,
ehkozuch@cyf-kr.edu.pl, Slawkowska 12, 31-014 Krakow,Polska/Poland
tel.48/12/222147,222264, fax:48/12/222147,222264. Working on GMO soybean
* Third World Network, 228 Macalister Rd., 10400 Penang, Malaysia,
twn@igc.apc.org. (Source: Judy Kew "it is very up on the g.e. issue")
* Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (no contact info;
mentioned in (Food & Water Journal, Spring 1996))

* Mailing list - GENTECH@tribe.ping.de. To get general info, send "help"
(in the subject?) to: GENTECH-REQUEST@tribe.ping.de.  Send "subscribe" in
the message body to the same address to subscribe.  (Includes news updates
Germany, Europe) 
* Mailing list - Ban-GEF.  The "list mom" is Judy Kew
<judy_kew@txinfinet.com>. Hosted by Texas InfiNet. 
* Web site - Genetic Engineering info - http://www.fairfield.com/nlp/
* Web site - San Francisco State Philosophy Department homepage dangers of
GE: http://userwww.sfsu.edu/~rone/Genetic%20Engineering.htm. 
Also see: www.bio-integrity.org
* For a complete e-mail overview of this problem, e-mail request to:

INFORMATION PROVIDED BY:  Patricia Dines, Community Action Publications

Providing meaningful information to educate citizens and empower effective
action on toxics and their alternatives, so that we can all work together
to create a healthy world - in our people, our agriculture, our food
supply, and in our global ecosystem.