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Bamboo Industry, USA

DATED MATERIAL---------PRESS RELEASE----------------------------6/6/97----

Bamboo Industry,  USA

1997 Pacific Northwest Bamboo Agroforestry Workshop (PNW97)
June 21-23, 1997 at Ft. Worden, Port Townsend, Washington

A great many of America's bamboo business people will assemble at Ft.
Worden in Port Townsend, Washington on June 21-23. People are traveling
from all over the country to learn about new developments with bamboo as a
farm crop and a building material. There is a feeling of cooperation and
sharing among the speakers and registrants. Those in the bamboo business
will be promoting some of the many uses of bamboo. The gathering of bamboo
experts and new growers will be of great significance as we progress on to
the new millennium.

Three days of bamboo related topics and events bears credence to the saying
that bamboo is "the plant of a thousand uses". The variety of presentations
on Saturday and Sunday require registration to attend. However, the
tradeshow and the bamboo plant sale are open to the public. These events
will be in the chapel at Fort Worden. Vendors representing farm
consultants, artists and suppliers will have bamboo building products,
books, and art for sale. The tradeshow hours are from 9 AM to 6 PM both
Saturday and Sunday. The bamboo plant sale begins at 6 PM on Sunday until
all plants are sold.

On Monday, June 23, beginning at 9 AM architects Simon Velez and Darrel
DeBoer are leading a "Building with Bamboo" workshop. Four styles of roof
trusses from bamboo poles will be constructed using bamboo joinery
techniques. Both Velez and DeBoer are speakers in the seminars.
Preregistration is required for the popular hands-on class.

The 1997 Pacific Northwest Bamboo Agroforestry Workshop is sponsored by the
Pacific Northwest Chapter of the American Bamboo Society and Washington
State University, Jefferson and Lewis County Cooperative Extension. For
more information about the PNW97 contact Gib Cooper at 541/247-0835 or by
e-mail: bambugib@harborside.com.

Gib Cooper
28446 Hunter Creek Loop
Gold Beach, OR 97444
Tel & FAX: 541/247-0835