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Job opening: CIAS/UW-Madison

Howdy, all--

The Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems (CIAS, Research
Division, College of Ag and Life Sciences, UW-Madison) is looking
for an associate editor to become an important part of our research
and communications programs.

This 50 percent academic staff position supports CIAS research,
education, and communications program efforts in multidisciplinary
sustainable ag.  We are a small (3.75 FTE), close, collegial,
enthusiastic workteam performing an active, challenging program of
work in grazing-based dairy systems, regional food systems, manure 
management, agricultural risk management, and more.

Working in collaboration with the Center's communications manager and 
staff, this person will:

--provide science writing and editing services 
--help plan, develop, write, edit, desktop publish, and disseminate 
the Center's sustainable ag research update series in concert with 
CIASs research and communications strategic plans
--help plan, develop, write, desktop publish, and/or disseminate new 
research team and constituent networking mechanisms, research and 
policy analysis reports, and research bibliographies
--network with a broad range of Center constituents, from 
scientists/researchers to citizens to Legislators to farmers, and 
many others
--maintain and help develop CIAS's electronic presence, including
maintenance and implementation for CIAS's World Wide Web site,
maintaining Center sustainable ag list servers, and evaluating the
WWW site.

We require at least two years of relevant science writing and
editing experience, top notch desktop publishing and other technical
skills, and familiarity with sustainable agriculture concepts.  

Assets for this position:
--Ability to work in a collaborative, teamwork setting (loads of give 
and take)
--Zen-like calm and balance amidst lots of multi-tasking
--Experience in a proactive, highly responsive work setting (where 
priorities can change quickly depending on constituent needs)
--Creativity, flexibility, and steady energy
--Low expectations around office creature comforts (well, we *do* 
have indoor plumbing, a shared refrigerator, and some stylin' 
vintage 70s furniture...) and perks
--Alchemical ability to turn stress into humor

We require a master's degree in journalism or science writing, or a 
closely related discipline.

Minimum fulltime equivalent salary:  $24,230

Position is officially available 16 June 97; but we will keep
receiving applications after 13 June 1997 till we have the right

A full position vacancy listing (with more details) is available at 
the UW-Madison Web site:


For more information on CIAS, see our Web site:


Send applications to me at 1450 Linden Drive, Room 146, Madison, WI
53706.  Contact me with questions.  Feel free to pass this
announcement along to folks you think might be interested!

Michele Gale-Sinex, communications manager
Center for Integrated Ag Systems 
UW-Madison College of Ag and Life Sciences
Voice: (608) 262-8018   FAX: (608) 265-3020
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