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fwd: request for help

On Fri, 13 Jun 1997 11:50:28 -0500, in newsgroup
alt.agriculture.misc was the following plea for
help. I'm fowarding it to this group for

>Hello,  we are a NGO (non-governmental organization) working with
>sustainable agriculture (no petro-chemicals), mainly with organic coffee.
>We are now starting to work with medicinal herbs and are having some
>problems. We are located in the peruvian amazonia and would greatly
>appreciate your help. Thank You.
>1.- Is there some type of virosis registered in "Chamomile"?
>2.- Why do some species have a low germinative capacity? Is there any
>treatment for increasing their germinative capacity?
>3.- What is the agent causing root rot in "Borage"?
>4.- Is Helmintosporium registered attacking "Citronella Grass"? Why is
>this pathogen registered in "Lemon Grass"?
>5.- Which is the fenological state to harvest Cintronela "Cymbopogon
>nardus"? How many cuts are needed during the year (before, during and
>after the spigate)?
>6.- What is the correct way to harvest and what is the humidity loss
>percentage in "Cymbopogon citratus"?
>7.- What is the registered fungus that causes root rot and foliage
>infection in "Borago officinalis" and what are the control measures of
>these pathogenes?
>8 What is the difference between "Ruta Chalepensis" and "Ruta gabeolis"?
>Which is the commercial one?
>Thanks for your help,
>Maritza Moreno
>Development Coordinator
>e-mail: siat@net.cosapidata.com.pe
>Telf./fax: (51-74) 731592

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