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Re: plant resistance to herbivory

Joel, good question, I'm wondering if it might not be related to the
fact that plants under stress are probably growing more slowly than
their next door neighbor plants, therefore are less physiologically
mature, therefore more tender?  I offer this possible answer after years
of watching rotationally grazed sheep(herbal defoiliaters of the most
descriminating nature) select the slower growing, less mature forage out
of paddocks having much variability in soil type, slope, orientation,
and soil moisture, within each paddock.   I have often wondered if these
plants on less favorable sites within each paddock actually had a
different chemical or mineral composition, due to their specific
location within the paddock, and therefore were more desireable to the
grazing animal.  Anyway, for whatever reason, I concur with the
observation that herbivores can be highly selective in choosing their
diet.    geoff