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req for info

In speaking and visiting with one very large scale composter who
dismissed the carbon and nitogen formulations commonly held by the
composting trade, they explained how microbiologicals are selectively
used to capture nitrogen from the air while also breaking down the most
difficult organics...MSW, animal carcasses, liquid sludge, dense oils at
high concentrations, paper and other cellulose, wood chips, etc.. AND
the end product was the finest, richest compost I have ever seen and the
sight totally devoid of typical compost site odors. Of course, they were
protective of the source of their individual organisms...both liquid and
powdered. They did not use any of the many commercial blends that are
readily available, but created their own enzyme, feedstock, organism
blends from individual organism strains supplied as bulk powders and
liquids. Is it possible that you would have information as to what
specific organisms might be best for what is more a bioremediation
process than a classical composting approach...a perfect applied
synergy of biological elements that added tremendously to both the
process and the quality of the end product. These would have to work on
MSW, paper, pulp, heavy oils, carcasses, etc. in an aerobic environment
at fairly moderate heat ranges typical of an aerobic pile, capture
nitrogen, quickly alleviate odors,and break down the most difficult
organics into residual free pathogen/mutagen free compost suitable for
agriculture while working within a mixed enviroment with other
organisms. Any sources or recommendations would be appreciated. THIS in
itself should prove to be a very interesting area of bioremediation
applied to composting and agriculture! For the skeptical..I have driven
10000 plus miles to sites all over the eastern half of the U.S. and this
was by far the best I have seen.     

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