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NEWS: Western SARE Releases Calls for Proposals

June 26, 1997


Please distribute this news release via on-line and print newsletters, news
discussion groups, etc. If you have any questions, please contact me at
916/752-5987 or kkelleher@ucdavis.edu.

Thank you,

Kristen Kelleher
Western Region Communications Specialist
Western SARE/USDA Sustainable Agriculture Programs



For application materials, CONTACT:
Western Region Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education, SARE
Utah State University
(801) 797-2257

Prepared by:
Kristen Kelleher, communications specialist
(916) 752-5987; kkelleher@ucdavis.edu


        Logan, UT -- The U.S. Department of Agriculture's Western Region
Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education, SARE, program will release
calls for proposals for research, education and professional development
grants in early July.

        This early release date gives applicants nearly four months to
prepare proposals, providing them with ample time to coordinate broad-based
participation in potential projects.

        Funding sources for the grants are the Sustainable Agriculture
Research and Education, SARE, program, the Agriculture in Concert with the
Environment, ACE, program, and the Professional Development Program, all of
which are administered by Western Region SARE.

Grant Programs and Deadlines

        Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education, SARE, grants are
for sustainable agriculture research. The SARE grants program continues to
target funding to whole-farm/ranch systems projects that increase
understanding and adoption of sustainable agriculture. Projects qualify as
whole-system research by addressing weak links or information gaps in a
system, or by assessing the multiple impacts of different components of
agricultural systems. Proposals are due on October 29, 1997 (by 5:00 p.m.
Mountain Standard Time).

        Agriculture in Concert with the Environment, ACE, grants are for
research on agricultural practices that minimize environmental effects and
hazards. The ACE program -- which is a joint venture of USDA and the U.S.
EPA -- is requesting proposals for research and education projects that
will lead to reduced environmental stress from agricultural practices.
Proposals are also due on October 29, 1997 (by 5:00 p.m. Mountain Standard

        Professional Development Program grants provide funding for efforts
to help Cooperative Extension, Natural Resources Conservation Service and
other professionals expand their knowledge of sustainable agriculture.
Project subject matter can deal with any agricultural endeavor, and may
include material on the effects of sustainable practices on the quality of
life for farmers, ranchers and rural communities. Projects can be designed
for agents working in production agriculture, 4H/youth development or other
areas. The deadline for proposals is November 19, 1997 (by 5:00 p.m.
Pacific Standard Time).

How to Apply

        Contact Western SARE at Utah State University at (801) 797-2257 or
fnhinck@cc.usu.edu to add your name to the distribution list for Calls for
Proposals, or to request application materials.

        The regional call for research proposals from area producers or
producer groups is not set for release until November 4, 1997, with a due
date of January 15, 1998. However, please feel free to contact the Western
SARE office to add your name to the specialized mailing list for western
farmers and ranchers.

About SARE

        The national SARE effort, which was mandated by Congress in the
1990 and 1996 Farm Bills, is implemented by four regional councils. Western
SARE is coordinated by Utah State University soil scientist V. Philip
Rasmussen and lead by an Administrative Council that represents diverse
agricultural, business, producer and public interests in the West.

        The Western Region includes Alaska, American Samoa, Arizona,
California, Colorado, Guam, Hawaii, Idaho, Micronesia, Montana, Nevada, New
Mexico, N. Mariana Islands, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming.


ON-LINE:  Calls for Proposals will be ready for down-loading from the
Western Region SARE web site at http://ext.usu.edu/wsare/ in early July.

Kristen Kelleher
Senior Public Information Rep/ Communications Specialist
USDA Western Region SARE
University of California
(916) 752-5987
(916) 754-8550