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Sustainable Agriculture & academic institutions

Is this a case of the gene splicers trying to buy respectibility? 

Most universities these days seem to be so strapped for money and so clueless
about what is going on (institutional ignorance), that they'll take maney from
almost anyone to do outrageous things. 

I guess its been that way a long time or we wouldn't be in the agricultural mess
we're in.

Bill Duesing

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RE: 	Sustainable Agriculture & academic institutions

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Subject: Sustainable Agriculture & academic institutions

I am not a regular member to the SANet-mg list, but I am hoping you will
be willing to help me with a question I have.

Knowing that sustainable agriculture means different things to different
people, I would like your help in putting together a short list (4-5
names) of academic institutions that are considered to be strong in the
area of sustainable agriculture. Strong in the sense of their research
programs, graduate/undergraduate programs, and/or depth and breadth of
the program.

I would be very grateful if you would share your opinions and expertise
with me. Please respond to me directly at djohnson@ccmail.calgene.com.

Thank you greatly for your help,
Deanna Johnson