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CARE Positions in Tajikistan and Cambodia


Interested applicants please  email resume to: clark@care.org or by fax
Deborah Clark (404) 577-9418

The subject project is the second year of CARE+s involvement with
private, Dekhan, farmers and their Association in the Leninskii District
(Dushanbe Oblast) of Tajikistan.  CARE proposes to provide inputs
(seeds, fertilizers and other agro-chemicals) through the Leninskii
Private Farmers Association (LDFA) to the farmers on credit, who will
pay back (mostly in kind) to the Association in order to further
strengthen the ability of the Association to provide an adequate level
of inputs to its farmer members, on credit (input banks) in subsequent
years.  The second year proposal thereby builds upon a similar
intervention during the first year, but the project extends its
activities into irrigation, mechanization and soil conservation.

CARE also proposes to continue the efforts to strengthen the LDFA, with
increasing emphasis on the strengthening of mini-groups within the LDFA
around issues such as irrigation water use and some forms of
mechanization.  The underlying idea is to form more active building
blocks for an Association that is responsive to the needs of its
membership and is more directly controlled by the farmer members.

With the 40% growth in Association membership expected for the second
year, the direct beneficiaries are 800 Dekhan farms with some 4,900
farming households, or approximately 29,400 individuals.    The
traditional agricultural state sector is suffering the combined effects
of an almost complete lack of capital for new investments and inputs,
and inefficiency.  Only one in ten tractors is operable, and the
existing combines are responsible for the lion share of the 20% post
harvest losses experienced in wheat farming.  Given that the Government
of Tajikistan (GOT) does not have the means to provide the sector with
needed capital, nor is it expected to be able to do so in the
foreseeable future, the GOT has, somewhat reluctantly, moved towards
privatization. In 1992, the GOT began some distribution of land to
Dekhan and private farmers and in August 1995, some 50,000 ha were
granted through the district-level executive committees (hukumat) to
 -Dekhan farmers-, as a result of a presidential decree.  -Dekhan farms-
are worked and managed by a group of people (typically extended
families) with some acting as -mini-cooperatives- and some with one
person in charge and the rest primarily laborers.  The amount of land
held by one person varies from a minimum of 0.2 ha irrigated land to a
few farmers with over 30 ha of irrigated and rain-fed land.

 Master+s degree in agriculture or related field, or equivalent
 Minimum of 5 years of experience in international agricultural
 Extensive experience in working with farmer associations.
 Ability to function effectively in a situation with a complicated
political interaction between the interests of farmers, the local
Government and the Association.
 Ability to effectively advocate crucial issues to the various players
involved and the development community at large.
 Experience with soil conservation, irrigation, intermediate scale
mechanization, low-input and intensive agriculture.
 Fluency in English required.  Knowledge of Tajik (Farsi) and/or
Russian preferred.
 Familiarity with CARE system preferred.

Dushanbe is a medium size city, where most of the day-to-day needs are
available.  The housing is typically simple but comfortable.  The city
provides little in the way of entertainment.  The climate provides short
relatively mild winters and hot summers.  The political situation is
still somewhat unsettled, but a peace agreement has recently been
reached.  The security situation seems to be improving.

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CAMBODIA- Environmental Specialist

CARE is seeking an ENVIRONMENTAL EXPERT for a proposed project in
CAMBODIA(Funding Pending).  If you meet the requirements below and are
interested in being considered for this position, please email resumes
asap to: clark@care.org or by fax to: Deborah Clark (404)577-9418

The Environmental Specialist will have overall responsibility for the
successful execution of the following tasks and Intermediate Results, as
specified in the Statement of Work:
 Supervise Project-relevant policy analysis (Administration and
Planning Phase );

 Design and implementation of the Programmatic Environmental Assessment
(Administrative and Planning Phase );

. Establishment and maintenance of the project+s environmental data base
(Administrative and Planning Phase ).

More generally, the Environmental Specialist will ensure that the
project+s activities do not have direct or indirect negative effects on
local and watershed-related ecosystems, and are consistent with a sound
and sustainable management of natural resources. He/she will, therefore,
focus on: the impact of road construction, water control and irrigation
works, the design of improved environmental awareness and natural
resource management activities, including gender-related issues, such as
soil and water conservation, and on-farm water management and land use.
The Specialist will also work with other members of the team on the
proper use of such agrochemical inputs as fertilizers, insecticides,
pesticides, and on the environmental effects of agro-processing

The Environmental Specialist will report in month 3 of the contract and
serve with the technical assistance team through month 58 for a total
level of effort of 56 person months. This position will be based in
Battambang, with travel required within the Battambang, Banteay Meanchay
and Siem Reap Provinces.

Qualifications should include a M.S. or PhD degree in natural resources
management or closely related field, over ten years of professional
experience, including environmental impact assessments, and South-East
Asia professional experience.