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Dear Fellow Saneters,

This is a request for your assistance in finding employment 
opportunities in sustainable agriculture, focusing on cow/calf 
ranches or farms--including diversified operations.  I am also open 
to working for agencies that promote sustainable agriculture 

I have a B.S. degree in animal science with an emphasis in beef and 
equine.  I managed a 250 cow, 5000 acre ranch in the Flint Hills of 
Kansas in 1995; in 1996 I worked part time for a rancher in Beaumont, 
Kansas, as well as "cowboyed" for various other area ranchers.  I 
also have experience driving draft horses, and would like to be able 
to utilize both light and draft horses in my new position.  
Currently, I am an associate member of the Tallgrass Prairie 
Producers Co-op--a grass-fed beef direct marketing co-op.

After reading about my experiences in a nutshell, are there specific 
networks or Internet chat rooms you believe would be good targets for 
my search?  

Thank you for your time, attention and help in this matter!  If you 
have any suggestions, please send them to me at 

Hope you are all having a great July!

Monica Young