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Re: wasting food in the US

M. Sean Clark wrote on 7/9/97:
>I heard something recently about a new study by the USDA on food waste in
>the US.  Apparently the study included recent estimates of the amount of
>food discarded (not eaten, thrown away) by consumers.  Does anyone know
>anything about the study?
>If so, would you please send me the reference or information on how to
>obtain of copy.
>M. Sean Clark
>Research Manager
>Sustainable Agriculture Farming Systems Project
>Department of Agronomy and Range Science
>University of California
>Davis, CA 95616
>(916) 752-2023
While in Washington a week ago, I saw an Associated Press dispatch in the
Richmond (Va.) Times-Dispatch, headlined "U.S. wastes a quarter of its
food." Story refers to an "Agriculture Department study" that estimated
1995 losses in U.S. in retail, restaurants, and the rear of my refrigerator
shelves at 96 billion pounds. Quotes Dan Glickman as viewing with alarm,
promising a "national food recovery summit in Washington in September."
(Geez! summits for everything! Can they combine the Food Recovery Summit
with the Composting Ratty Lettuce Summit?). 

I, too, would like to see the full report, or at least a decent citation
for it. It sounds like something ARS did (or should) do; I plan to check
their Web site later today and will let the list know if I find anything,
since I'm working on a writing project about global post-harvest losses
(about which if we have any experts in the audience, I'd like very much to

--Fred Powledge.
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