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Frontiers of food systems research

Howdy, all--

Thought some of you aggies and foodies might enjoy this item, from
the "No Comment" column, page 11, August 97 issue of /The

"Peace Dividends

"From the newsletter /Positive Alternatives/, a publication of the
Center for Economic Alternatives:  'The Army's Soldier System
Command in Natick, Massachusetts, recently signed a cooperative
research-and-development agreement with Sara Lee Bakery for the
development of new "shelf-stable" baking goods.  Apparently Sara Lee
has already developed bread and confectionery items that will last
three years without refrigeration.  But the Army is shooting for
improvements.  Their spokesman pointed to Pop Tarts as an example. 
"It's a very good item," he said, "but improvements could be made
with the technologies we have."'" 

Kindly note that the newsletter had the grace not to call these
things "foods."  :^)

Yours in pursuit of the Perpetual Pop Tart.


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