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1997 Ohio Farm Tour Series

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:                                  CONTACT:Sean McGovern
July 3, 1997                                            614/294-3663

Ohio Ecological Food ad Farm Association Announces 15th Annual Farm and
Market Tour Series

        A partnership of innovative grassroots agricultural groups today
released its annual series of farm and market tours, which are intended to
foster sustainable food systems in Ohio.  The 1997 series offers farmers
and the general public a unique opportunity to visit a wide range of
organic and sustainable farming operations throughout Ohio.  Host farmers
will provide walking tours and answer questions about organic and other
forms of ecological food production.  All tours are free and open to the

        The Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association (OEFFA), Innovative
Farmers of Ohio (IFO), and the Ohio Chapter 1 of the Organic Crop
Improvement Association (OCIA) hope the tours will foster a dynamic
relationship between ecological farmers, the general pubic, and the OSU
Extension and research community.

        "The relationship between growers and customers is the critical
lynch pin to an ecologically and economically sustainable agriculture."
said Harv Roehling, President of OEFFA.  "Often, we fail to recognize the
link between our buying habits and the commercial and environmental
preservation of our local communities.  Sustainable agriculture is based on
the mutual interests of the grower and consumer who recognize one another
as friend and neighbor."

        The series will highlight vegetable, livestock, and grain
production.  The series of 12 tours will run from July 9 to September 13.
Topics covered will include weed and pest management for vegetable and
grain production, and marketing strategies used by ecological growers to
market their products.  For a full listing of tours, including maps, times,
and descriptions of the featured farms, call OEFFA at (614) 294-3663.

        OEFFA is a non profit organization of farmers, consumers, and
gardeners founded in 1979 to promote a permanent, profitable, and
accountable agriculture in Ohio.  Fore more information, contact OEFFA at

1997 Farm and Market Tour Series
Sponsored by:
Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association;  Innovative Farmers of Ohio;
Ohio OCIA, Chapter 1

July 9, 1997
Place: Mary's Farm
6569 Ireland Road, Windsor, OH
Contact: Ed Heinz, 216-272-5862

July 13, 1997
Place: Bluebird Farm
86663 Fife Road, Cadiz, OH
Contact: Mick Luber, 614-945-0217

July 19, 1997
Place: Spray Brothers Farm
5960 Spray Lane, Mt. Vernon, OH
Contact: Rex Spray, 614-397-4207

July 26, 1997
Place: Twin Parks Farm
10980 N Elyria Road, W. Salem, OH
Contact: Dean McIlvaine, 419-846-3082

August 2, 1997
Place: George Clutts Farm
120361 Florence Chapel Rd, Circleville, OH
Contact: Asa Chester, 614-497-3136

August 9, 1997
Place: Turner Farm
7400 Given Rd, Cincinnati, OH
Contact: Bonnie Mitsui, 513-561-8482

August 16, 1997
Place: David Kline Farm
8940 CR 235, Fredericksburg, OH
Contact:  Jeff Dickinson, 614-363-2548

August 20, 1997
Place: R Acres Farm
11641 W CR 10, Alvada, OH
Contact: Don Reinhart, 419-595-2500

August 23, 1997
Place: Oberlin Farmers Market
10915 Pyle S Amherst Rd, Oberlin, OH
Contact: Eric Stewart, 216-775-0405

August 27, 1997
Place: Charlie Eselgroth Farm
860 Wright Lane, Greenfield, OH
Contact: Charlie Eselgroth, 937-981-2030

September 13, 1997
Place: Sweetwater Farms
13540 Howard Road, Millfield, OH
Contact: Ron and Josie Young, 614-448-2100

September 13th, 1997
Place: Locust Grove Farm
26328 Locust Grove Road, Creola, OH
Contact: Jeff Dickinson, 614-363-2548


Sean McGovern
Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association
PO Box 82234 Columbus Ohio 43202
(ph) 614/294-3663
(fx) 614/291-3276

For Organic Certification services in Ohio, call Certification Coordinator,
Sylvia Upp at 419/853-4060