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Extension Integrated Pest Management (Field Crops) Groundwater Stewardship Agent, Position Vacancy # AF0138 REVISED 7/01/97

SANET Readers -- 

This position may interest you or someone you know.  Michigan's Groundwater Stewardship program links efforts of Michigan State University, the Natural Resources Conservation Service, and the Michigan Department of Agriuclture to protect our groundwater.  The IPM Field Crop Alliance brings together a wide range of commodity organizations trying to expand and advance integrated pest management.  The geographic area includes a strong tradition of on-farm research and demonstrations and a history of Extension cooperation across county lines.  We believe the position will offer many opportunities for working toward greater agricultural sustainability.  

Please follow up as indicated below if you are interested.  Feel free to pass along this information as you think appropriate.


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>Subject: Extension Integrated Pest Management (Field Crops) Groundwater

>  Stewardship Agent, Position Vacancy # AF0138 REVISED 7/01/97

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>Revised: July 1, 1997					R# AF0138



>POSITION: Extension Integrated Pest Management (Field Crops)/Groundwater

>Stewardship Agent


>AREA SERVED:	Arenac, Bay, Huron, Lapeer, Midland, Saginaw, Sanilac, St.

>Clair and Tuscola Counties




>STATUS:	This is a full-time, temporary position funded by the Michigan

>Integrated Pest Management Field Crop Alliance and the Michigan Groundwater

>Stewardship Program.  Funding is approved through September 30, 2001, with

>appointment on an annual renewal basis.


>AVAILABLE:	September 1, 1997


>APPLICATION DEADLINE:	August 1, 1997 or until a candidate is selected.


>STARTING SALARY:	Commensurate with training and experience to




>Gary Glazier 

>ANR Human Resources

>Michigan State University

>113 Agriculture Hall

>East Lansing, MI 48824-1039

>Phone: (517) 353-8696

>Fax: (517) 432-4986

>E-mail: anrper@msue.msu.edu

>MSUE Job Banks: http://www.msue.msu.edu/msue/jobs

>USDA Job Banks: http://www.reeusda.gov/whatnew/job/jobfebc.htm


>MSU Extension employment opportunities are open to eligible/qualified

>persons without regard to race, color, national origin, age, religion or

>disability.  Handicappers have the right to request and receive reasonable













>Agent will work in two main program areas: 1) Field Crop Integrated Pest

>Management (IPM) and 2) Groundwater Stewardship.  Agent will provide Field

>Crop IPM expertise with a focus on corn and edible dry beans; and provide

>Groundwater Stewardship expertise.  Agent will be responsible for developing

>related educational program activities in the assigned multi-county area.

>Fifty percent of time will be dedicated to educational programming with the

>corn and dry edible bean industry. Agent is an educator, an information

>provider, needs assessor, problem-solving resource for clientele, and must

>be able to network with the agricultural industry, MSU specialists,

>Extension Agents and agency representatives.  Agent is expected to

>participate as an Extension team member in the host county.




>Develop relevant educational programs based on local and industry priorities

>and coordinate IPM and Groundwater Stewardship Extension programming with

>and through County Extension Directors and /or Extension Agriculture Agents,

>respective Industry Representatives, and appropriate MSU Specialists and

>agency personnel.


>Coordinate efforts with members of the MSU Extension IPM and Groundwater


>Teams, and Agents representing other Areas of Expertise (AoE) in the

>multi-county area.



>Be actively involved in multi-county/state networking with MSU faculty/staff

>and the agricultural industry.  Assess clientele/industry needs for new

>technology and research.  Work as a member of the Extension IPM and

>Groundwater Stewardship Teams to develop and implement

>multi-county/statewide program efforts.  Be an active member of the local

>Groundwater Stewardship Team and a local advocate of IPM.


>Identify and cooperate with relevant organizations, agencies and

>institutions that deliver educational information pertinent to IPM and

>Groundwater Stewardship.


>Maintain a flow of current research-based information to the agricultural

>industries and producers.


>Facilitate applied research and on-farm demonstrations applicable to IPM and

>Groundwater Stewardship in cooperation with MSU researchers and Extension

>specialists utilizing available resources.


>Work with MSU specialists and other Extension field staff to develop and

>implement project proposals in high priority areas and to help bridge any

>gaps between research and implementation.


>Represent MSU Extension educational programming within the multi-county

>area, while working in collaboration with the Michigan Department of

>Agriculture, USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service and other relevant

>public and private organizations.




>Provide leadership in IPM and Groundwater Stewardship educational

>programming for agricultural producers, agribusinesses, IPM consultants,

>consumers and others; employing workshops, short courses, tours,

>demonstrations and other appropriate teaching methods.


>Provide training and educational programs for persons providing IPM and


>Stewardship technical assistance, as well as for Extension field staff.


>Provide educational assistance to growers and agricultural industry

>personnel to promote the

>development and implementation of Groundwater Stewardship and IPM practices.  


>Work closely with industry advisory groups, local Groundwater Stewardship

>teams, the MSU IPM Program and appropriate MSU departments to identify and

>prioritize issues, problems and



>Foster communication among agricultural producers, marketers, processors and



>Use farm and business visits as a means to remain knowledgeable of specific

>local needs and problems related to agricultural production and to help

>implement IPM and Groundwater Stewardship recommendations.


>Identify potential industry leaders and help develop their capacity to

>accomplish community and industry goals.


>Cooperate with public and private organizations and individuals that share

>Extension's mission and objectives.


>Assist, as appropriate, in the development of educational materials related

>to IPM and Groundwater Stewardship.  Develop and use a variety of media

>methods to meet local needs.


>Prepare educational initiatives and  reports as required by Michigan State

>University Extension.  Coordinate plans of work with other agents and

>offices in the multi-county area.  Administratively responsible to the host

>County Extension Director.


>Implement Equal Employment Opportunity Program and Affirmative Action



>Actively participate in relevant conferences and in-service/professional

>development activities to improve skills as an educator and as a technical



>Perform other related duties, as assigned.




>Bachelor's Degree (Master's preferred) in IPM, agriculture, agronomy, water

>quality, or related field.  Position related educational, commercial or

>public agency experience.  Demonstrated effective leadership ability.

>Effective human relations and communication skills.  Analytical and logical

>decision-making capacity that can be expressed in an applied manner for

>practical problem solving.  Computer-related skills.  Understanding of and a

>commitment to equal opportunity/affirmative action and diversity/pluralism.

>Personal mobility/transportation.  Upon employment must reside within the

>multi-county area served by this position.







<paraindent><param>left</param>Susan B. Smalley                        

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