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Re: water for food

C'mon, get serious.  500 liters of water for a kilo of potatoes?
100,000 liters for a kilo of beef?  Strains credulity, well past my
breaking point.

Whoever is responsible for this chart owes all of us a closer look at
how these figures were derived.

Looks cooked up to me, in a plot to pile on animal agriculture in
general, and beef producers in particular.

Beef takes a bum rap.  Under grazing systems, cattle utilize forages
unsuitable for human consumption, reducing tillage, benefitting water
quality and erosion control.

I challenge anyone to justify these remarkable estimates.  Until someone
does, all of us should consider them BS.
On 07/21/97 at 15:01:18 Douglas B. Johnson said:
>Friends and Colleagues,
>	I thought this might interest you.

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>>I thought this data might provide food for thought:
>>Litres of water required to produce 1kg of food:
>>Potatoes       500
>>Wheat          900
>>Alfalfa           900
>>Sorghum     1110
>>Maize          1400
>>Rice            1910
>>Soya beans 2000
>>Chicken      3500
>>Beef       100,000
>>Source: New Scientist 1.2.97
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