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Southeast U.S.A. Biodynamic Conference

Union Agricultural Institute Presents:

The Tenth Annual Southeast BIODYNAMIC CONFERENCE

Friday, Saturday and Sunday August 29th, 30th and 31st, 1997

Workshop Schedules:

	Hugh Courtney, Biodynamic Preparations;
	Harvey Lisle, More on Bee Mites,
	Joey Korn, Dowsing in Three Dimensions;
	Leland B. Taylor, Completing Soil Environments.

	Don Kraus, Nutritional Guidelines for Health:
	Dr. Linda Lancaster, The Basics of Energy Medicine;
	Louise Frazer,Meal Planning with the Seasons;
	David Nazar, Body Energy;
	The Troubadours of Divine Bliss, Evening Farm Concert

	Jeff Poppen, Reading Steiner's Agriculture Course;
	Hugh Lovel, Cosmic Pipe Workshop.

Hugh Courtney. biodynamic preparation maker and founder of the Josephine
Porter Institute of Applied Biodynamics, distributes BD preps throughout
this hemisphere and has always been a key speaker for serious BD

Harvey Lisle, with his seniority as an American BD figure, as well as being
the catalyst for these conferences, will share his work on bee mites. Joey
Korn is a renowned dowser who will demonstrate the effects on plants of
beneficial earth energies, and will show how to attract beneficial energies.

Leland B. Taylor. from Agronics, Inc. of Albuquerque, gives us slides and a
travelogue on completing soil environments.

Don Kraus. nutritionist and lecturer, takes this opportunity to share his
long experience and many insights about nutrition

Linda Lancaster. a world-renowned pioneer and innovator, is both a
practitioner and teacher of energy medicine, maintains clinical practices
in Santa Fe and New York City and Dean of the College of Energy Medicine in
Santa Fe. Here she takes time out of her busy schedule to share her work
and insights with energy farmers.

Louise Frazer. a nutritionist and dietitian with a lifetime of experience
provides further glimpses into meal planning for health and evolution.She's
a superb cook! We'll be copying her meal planning for the evening meal.

David Nazar. author of There Is a Tomorrow, gives us a simple introduction
to body energies.

The Troubadors of Divine Bliss. a duo fresh from the New Orleans French
Quarter with their first CD,fell So in love with the farm when they visited
that they'll give use concert for our evening meal (we've always had music,
but this is something special).

Jeff Poppen, a BD grower from the Nashville area, not only is an
accomplished musician but loves to draw on the source material for
biodynamic farming insights.

Hugh Lovel, founder of Union Agricultural Institute, hopes to wrap up this
conference with some practical tips on using a Cosmic Pipe. to work with
farm energies.


lOth Annual Southeast Biodynamic Conference: Energy In Agriculture

Conference Registration Information The Conference Fee: is $45 per day or
$125 all three days paid in advance, or $50 per day, $140 for all three
days at the gate. Children under 6 are free, and children under 12 are half
price. This fee includes three meals a day, the workshops, and primitive
campsites for those who choose to stay overnight at the Institute.


If you would prefer to stay at a motel, there are several within 15 miles:

El-Joe Lodge, Murphy Highway, Blairsville (706) 745-6991
Milton Inn, Blue Ridge Street, Blairsville (706) 745-6995
Victorian Inn, Town Creek Road, Blairsville (706) 745-4786
The Lodge, 2266 Notley Dam Rd., Blairsville (706) 745-7939
Day's Inn, 4970 Appalachain Hwy., Blue Ridge (706) 632-2100
Best Western, 588 Andrews Road, Murphy, NC (704) 837-3060 Seasons Inn,
Court Square, Blairsville (706) 745-1631

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