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Internship Opportunities Available

Internship Opportunity Announcement

Agricultural Conservation Innovation Center (ACIC)

ACIC is a new conservation project working at the cutting edge of
agricultural conservation.  It is developing new systems and incentives to
help solve the most pressing agricultural-environmental problems that the
Nation faces. 

ACIC operates as a project of the private, nonprofit Natural Resources
Council of America. It has been designated by the USDA Natural
Resources Conservation Service as *NRCS*s Innovation Partner.* 
Partners in ACIC projects have included NRCS, the National Oceanic and
Atmospheric Administration, Monsanto, and Terra Industries, among
others.  Current projects include innovative incentives for adoption of
conservation buffer areas, integrated pest management practices,
conservation tillage, farmed wetland mitigation, and grassland *banks.*

Internships for students or graduates with a commitment to developing
creative, nonregulatory solutions are available for the fall of 1997 and
spring of 1998.  No stipends are presently available, however, we will
comply with programs that provide academic credit for internships.  This
is a unique opportunity to play a real role in addressing the toughest
conservation and environmental challenges our nation faces.

Mail Contact:
ATTN:  Intern Openings
Alison L. Hess
Program Director
Agricultural Conservation Innovation Center
Suite 1100
1400 Wilson Blvd.
Arlington, VA  22209-2803

Email resume and inquiries to:  Alison.Hess@usda.gov
Fax resume and inquiries to:  703-235-4803, ATTN:  Intern Openings