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Re: Internship Opportunities Available

> Agricultural Conservation Innovation Center (ACIC)
> ACIC is a new conservation project working at the cutting edge of
> agricultural conservation.  It is developing new systems and incentives to
> help solve the most pressing agricultural-environmental problems that the
> Nation faces. 
> ACIC operates as a project of the private, nonprofit Natural Resources
> Council of America. It has been designated by the USDA Natural
> Resources Conservation Service as *NRCS*s Innovation Partner.* 
> Partners in ACIC projects have included NRCS, the National Oceanic and
> Atmospheric Administration, Monsanto, and Terra Industries, among
> others. 

If I see the name Monsanto I get a feeling that the real problems 
will be replaced by a greedy producer who doesn't care about anything 
that doesn't profit them.

Part of the solution?  sorry I just don't trust them anymore.

Frits v/d laan